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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Brett Favre

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

I have truly enjoyed the watching of this great QB. While I do not hold him in the highest esteem like many of you on this board I do respect his abilities immensely. He does make my top 5 list.

I think brett Favre has been very good to the Green BAy Packers. I know most of you will snort and holler at this post but I will say it anyways. I think Brett Favre has cost the Packers 2 chances to be in the SUper Bowl. But he was part of a great team that made it to the Super Bowl twice and if not for some silly rear end coaching by Homgren we should have two titles instead of one. I am not going to get into any arguing over the defense versus Brett's wild throws and mistakes. That is not what this post is about

No, I am extolling my respect for one of the better QB's I have ever watched play football in the NFL. If he decides to retire then that is the decision he and his wife have agreed on. I am not going to say it is wrong or right. It is thier decision. I would like for my own greediness, to see him return and play another 2 seasons at the minimum.

Brett has played a lot of football and as the grizzled vet he is, he tries at times to will his team to victory. At times I believe he gets into a zone where it just does not matter he is going to try and take the game on his own and I do not know if he forgets about the other 46 players or not. Whatever, when we watch Brett play we are witnessing a truly good player. Forget about his mistakes. Forget about some of the bone headed throws he makes. Brett entertains us and wows us with throws that any other QB can just dream of completing. Brett still makes some throws that are just phenominal to watch. Brett brings us 8 or 9 victories and with the coaching of Mike Sherman and the play of the rest of the team we can expect 10 or 11 wins.

Sure we have made the playoffs only to come up short. 10 teams come up short every year in the playoffs. What hurts is we all want to see Brett get another Super Bowl win or two to take his place among the best. It may not happen. But that does not diminish Brett Favre's place in the history of the Green Bay Packers or the NFL. They will be showing some of the throws that came from Brett Favre for the next 25 years or longer. He can do things with the football that no one else has or may ever do. He is a gambler and a wildcatter combined. But he is more than just that. He is a winner.

If he and his wife decide that enough is enough then he can walk away from this game with his head held high and go out as a winner. A winner in my book. 13 seasons with the Green BAy Packers and 13 winning seasons.

To win in the playoffs takes total team effort and sometimes the greatness of one is not enough to overcome the failing of others. Sometimes the greatness of that one presses too hard and it blows up in his face. That may well be Brett's legacy the last 4 seasons. But mark my words right now. Brett does not have to concern himself with those last losses each of the last 4 seasons. What he has done has been remarkable. Especially for a kid coming out of college where he almost never made it. An accident that nearly claimed his life and the subsequent years of serious pain where he became addicted to pain killers. Truly remarkable story and truly a remarkable man.

Yes he owes me or any other fan nothing. He has awarded us with exciting and tremendous play for 13 seasons. If Brett Favre decides to spend his time with is family and wife in general then we fans should have nothing but adoration and respect for one of the best QB's to play in the NFL.

Sure we will tremble and be very upset about the fortunes of the Green BAy Packers. Sure we will worry our little minds and hearts over what next. That is to be expected. Whoever becomes the next QB for the Green BAy Packers I hope will be afforded the respect we have shown for Brett Favre. It ill take a remarkable individual to be the QB for the Green BAy Packers after the 13 seasons we have had watching a wild arm kid from Mississippi lead the Green BAy Packers.

Here is hoping from my heart that we still see # 4 for another 2 seasons. But it is for some selfish reasons that I want to see Brett stay. I want to see him set some individaul records. Sure I would love to see the Green BAy Packers win another SUper Bowl. I want to see that every season but right now I come from a selfish vein. I want to see some records set by Brett. Taking nothing away from Dan Marino I want to see Brett beat out Marino.

I believe I have been blessed in terms of watching QB's in the NFL

I got to see Terry Bradshaw make everyone loook like idiots for claiming he was too dumb to be a winning QB - All he did was win 4 Super Bowls. I got to see John Elway thorw a football. I witnessed the great Joe Montana - I watced Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas. I had the opportunity to watch Troy Aikman win 3 SUper Bowls despite not being a great passser just a downright accurate thrower. I saw Roger Staubach run around and scramble and hit receivers on the run. Fran Tarkenton as well. I watched a truly great QB in Len Dawson play football. And I watched in awe the passing efforts of Dan Marino. But in terms of being entertained no one did it better than #4

Here is 1 fan who hopes we see Brett Favre in 2005 and 2006

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