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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Why I think the defense is about to improve.....REALLY

For PackerChatters

OK, maybe everyone will think this is seen throught green and gold glasses, but I really do think this defense is about to take it's best step forward this year.

I think Sherman has made his second best coaching move of the year. His first being taking over the play calling chores. Why did this help? I don't think it was the pure difference between Sherman and Rossely but the human contact with the offense, Favre. It created better communication and put Favre back into his favorite comfort zone of having the playcaller at his side and,if possible, made access to controlling a gunslinger in game situations easier.

I think what precipitated the second move was the success of the first. The second move was bringing Slowik from the booth to the sidelines. I believe the second move carries a two-fold positive influence for the defense.

1- It gives the DC eye to eye contact and communication with the players.
2- It brings a comfort level back to the DB's.

I think the second part may be the most important. I don't think it is a reach to say the play of the secondary has regressed this year. Last year, while not a juggernot, the secondary did play better at least in assignment. I am hoping this assessment is true. I really think Slowik has better repore with the DB's than Shottsie. If this is truly the case it bodes well for Slowik and opens the door for Shottsie to find other work.OMHO.

Case in point for this optimism is last week. For the second half the coaches made the move to go to a cover 2 zone. As I remember reading post game comments from MS "we decided to go cover 2 but some of the players didn't agree, but Slowik talked to them and convinced them it would work". Hence we controlled the passing game well eough to win.

Do I think this move will make us a great defense? NO, but I do believe it will improve our defense and in the playoffs that may be what we get, an improvement.

Maybe a majority will still blame MS for allowing this to happen, but I will see a coach growing and improving to take it to the next level.

Give me improvement any day.

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