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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Senior Bowl Report

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

The South practices:
Players that I watched:
Jason Campbell clearly has the best arm of the 3 QB’S BUT David Greene has the best presence and carry of the 3 QB’s – None looked all that comfortable

Receivers: Thorpe is quick – Reggie Brown has the best hands of the group Matt Jones looks like he is lost at times but catches everything thrown to him. Gibson is very smooth in transition and looks effortless in his gait. Roddy White gets an opening or just a step on a DB and he is gone. Great after the catch acceleration – very tricky at 6-1 – It was hard to access the receivers because the QB’s just did not throw anything muchj representing big time passing. Campbell has good velocity but he just does not lead a receiver at all and I did not like what I saw of him. Hopefully he does better tomorrow

OT’s: Britt is clearly the better of the 4 OT’s on the South team. Shows consistency in pass blocking and has tremendous hand pop. Mankins looked over matched at times. Stewart is better than I originally graded him and might move him up to round 5 area. Was not all that impressed with Parquet as his in,line blocking is weak. He was sent sprawling on his rear end a couple of times by the DE

OG’s first practice and was not impressed with any of the OG’s. Well maybe Marcus Johnson showed enough power and leverage at times. Myers has quickness but his footwork is sloppy

DL: Anthony Bryant is hard to stop one on one – Miike Patterson is stronger than his 292 frame shows and might make a decent quick Nose in the NFL – Shaun Cody spent a lot of time inside and did not play that well. Was off snap count and off a step and lost leverage a few times but he definitely knows how to get inside and mess things up. Cody is good at getting past the OL to the QB. -- You can see the measure of this player and I believe he will make a decent to good DL in the NFL – I was not impressed with Fields at all even though e got inside pressure he just looks like an average player most of the time. He did have some plays where he was very good but few and far between. Marcus Spears spent time at DT and DE and looked better at end. Spears has power going for him. Strong – a good first step and he reversed pancake the OT a couple of times. Quicker than I thought for a man his size which he measured in at 302.

LB’s I was disappointed today in the South LB’s as nothing stood out for me. Maybe Wortham was the better of the group. Boley has speed but I saw him miss things and get confused.

S’s: James Butler shows he can play football making a couple of good adjustments. Has a good hand positioning to knock down passes. Rosegreen looked stiff.

CB’s: Wow I may have over rated McFadden – Webster is an athlete – Rogers plays the ball well in the air but did not seem to make plays on the ball. Allowed too much receiving. Eric Green will make some team happy in training camp. This guy can play football. Of all the corners Green impressed me the most. But like I said Webster is pure athlete and should be worth a late 1st round selection.

As for Green Bay scouts and officials. I noticed they were intensive with the DL practice. Especially interested in Marcus Spears and Shaun Cody. I believe I saw them show disdain with Fields play at times as well. If I had to rank what I believe the Packers liked today it would be:
Marcus Spears DE
Shaun Cody DT
James Butler FS
Fred Gibson WR

North practice:
The best piece of advice I can say is that Green By people were ecstatic over the play of LN Lance Mitchell. This kid looked no where close to what e did in the Orange Bowl. I mean this kid filled the lanes properly causing the QB’s to old onto the ball too long or having to throw the ball away. He also was unbelievably on top of things and looked like a 9 year veteran in making his reads. Wow did he impress the heck out of me. Still shows a little effect of the injury he had last year on some drop back plays. Made a ton of plays in the backfield as well. Clearly the best player today of both squads. Super impressed.

QB’s: Charlie Frye is the only QB that I would consider based on just what I saw today. Orlovsky is mechanical and I believe I could sit on the play and know where he is going on every throw, - Very good arm though. Orton missed low, missed high and missed wide. Did have 1 super nice deep throw though.

WR’s: Vincent Jackson knows how to get open and was open on almost every play in the intermediate routes. He is going to surprise fans next year. Courtney Roby used his speed and smarts to get open deep a number of times but the QB’s just did not get the ball to him anywhere near close enough. He dropped a long pass but it must have been because he was shocked that he did not have to leap or dive for it. Man is Mark Clayton small out there on the field. He is a darter though and will catch quite a few because of his lightning quickness.

OL: the best player today for me was Michael Roos who showed good footwork and proper technique in his drop backs. But whichever team gets him must immediately get him in strength and conditioning or he will get his QB killed in the NFL. Khalif Barnes showed he is a terror and has that Ross Verba nasty thing going for him. Looked somewhat stiff and stood up to tall at times.

DL: Matt Roth is very good at penetrating the OL and blowing up plays. He did not get a great push off but he is relentless. Atiyyah Ellison is making himself some money. Looked good a lot. Very athletic player and shows good agility for an inside player. He consistently beat his man and even beat double team traps on him as well. Bill Swancutt handled his OT all day long. Swancutt has some moves to his play. Getting long looks from packer scouts. Swancutt handled Khaliff Barnes and Matt Roth just flat out made Adam Terry look like a divsion III type of player.

LB’s: The other Lb to play well and get the packers attention was Jared Newberry – this player has good turn ability for a LB and made plays downfield. But I worry about him close to the line. He is better in the open space. Got caught up in trash and was bent backwards a few times as well. I also believe the packers were impressed with Barrett Ruud MLB who showed he is stronger than his frame. Good use of his hands as well. Kirk Morrison was very steady and seem to be the leader when on the field.

S’s: and CB’s – oh my gosh if the South QB’s can just find some accuracy they are going to blow this secondary apart/ I mean they all played too far off the receiver allowing way too much cushion. Tentative and indecisive. Brimmer made a few plays but man oh man this kid is slow. I mean I believe I could outrun this player. Seriously though he plays much faster than he charts. Still he was also giving too much room and looked in too much and bit on things he should have known better. Atogwe might be something based on his recovery quickness. Darrent Williams came up limping a few times but he to me is the best DB on the North squad.

Just based on today’s 1 practice I believe the Green Bay Packers would select the South’s Marcus Spears or the North’s Lance Mitchell. But you do not base your draft on 1 practice. I saw enough of Barrett Ruud to be comfortable if the Packers select him in round 2. Ruud has more range than I thought and has a lot of athleticism as well. Runs smooth. But clearly Lance Mitchell impressed the heck out of me.

Best players on the North Squad:
Lance Mitchell LB
Vincent Jackson WR
Matt Roth DE
Bill Swancutt DE
Mark Clayton WR
Kirk Morrison MLB
Barrett Ruud LB

Player that hurt himself a lot Antajj Hawthorne who looked veryn slow off the snap.

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