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Sunday, January 16, 2005

I don't think you have to be spoiled...

by Pack66
For PackerChatters

There is this little pizza place just outside Chicago that makes that absolute best pizza on the planet. It is my favorite food bar none.

I live in Houston now and Texas is all about steak and Mexican food. Lot's of ranchers and hispanic people here. I have had $100.00 dollar steaks and there are tons of FANTASTIC mexican food places here but, they don't touch this pizza joint. And while I like pizza from Papa John's and Pizza Hut, if I could I would only have pizza from my place.

What's the point you ask. Well, while I enjoy Packer football and I watch every season and they bring me immense joy it would of course be just a little better if we won the Superbowl every year. In any group there are people who think they are smarter than everyone else. In every group there are people who have "the" solution to everything. In every group there are people who just like to bitch. We have some of all of those people here in PackerChatters. We also have people who ARE smart and DO have good suggestions about how the Packers could be better. Are they Pro coaches, scouts, or etc? Maybe. We don't know what everybody around here does. And for those who aren't this IS a forum for discussing ideas and feelings about all subjects Packer. Every year I make plans to ensure that I get at least one trip to Chicago to visit family(and get pizza ). Every year when the Packers are done for the season I think about what changes they could or might be making to make next season a little better.

Winning the Superbowl doesn't make or break the season just like getting lucky doesn't neccessarily make or break a date. But, it does make it a little more fun. I don't think you have to be spoiled to want the team to do better next year.

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