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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Final Senior Bowl Report

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

Okay I have seen 4 practices down here in Mobile. Hardly enough to be very definitive on the players. But what I saw did give me some ideas of who the solid players are and who are pretenders:

South Squad:
Marcus Spears is for real. A big player with very good athleticism and quickness. Shaun Cody has good technique and is strong fundamentally. Makes good decisions

On the other side of the ball Logan Mankins looked better today than yesterday but I am not sold on this player yet. Wesley Britt was clearly the best OL on the South team but he fractured his leg and will be out for this game. A shame because this might keep him out of round 1. A very good player though

The LB’s : the guy who I believe caught the eyes of the Packers was Leroy Hill who showed good range and coverage ability in both days of practice. Hill is quicker than I thought. Marcus Lawrence disappointed me this week. Michael Boley is not worth a top 40 selection as he got lost a lot and cannot fight his way out of getting tied up buy aggressive OL blocking. When he gets free traffic he is a terror though.

WR: Reggie Brown is legit. He has good hands , good moves , makes solid correct adjustments on the ball. He is very quick in and out of his breaks. Matt Jones in a couple of years might be one hell-of-a receiver. A quick learner with real good hands. Fred Gibson impressed me as well

QB Jason Campbell is the best QB on the South team. He has the best arm – the best delivery – the best set-up of the 3 QB’s but David Greene shows great poise, leadership, presence, and actually throws a pretty dawg- gone good intermediate pass.

DB’s: Bryant McFadden seemed to be two entirely different players as he looked bad one day and looked to be very good the next day. Has a good eye for the ball. James Butler got beat some today but still has many teams watching him a lot including the Packers. Webster and Rogers showed their athleticism this week but must make more plays to keep their hopes for a round 1 selection. Junior Rosegreen will probably never be a star in the NFl but he is going to make some team a pretty good #3 Safety. A good tackler.

I think it is clear to me that the better talent overall is on the North team. No watch the South win in a breeze (hahaha)

QB: Kyle Orton has a good arm and at least in my opinion was the better of the 3 QB’s on the North team. Charlie Frye just never seemed to be in sync this week. And Dan Orlovsky was over matched as well. Telegraphs too much and has accuracy problems.

WR: the North team has 4 quality receivers in Mark Clayton (the best receiver in the group) Courtney Roby – Vincent Jackson and Brandon Jones Clayton just does everything above average and has very lightning quickness. Vincent Jackson is showing he wants to be recognized as the best possession receiver in this draft. He uses his power and size quite well. But the receiver getting a lot of buzz is Brandon Jones whom I must have heard 30 scouts refer to him as a clone of Robert Ferguson. A healthy Robert Ferguson. This WR is 6-2 215 pounds and he runs solid routes and has very deceptive break free speed and good concentration. I noticed the Packers showed a lot of attention to Jones.

RB: J J Arrington is making some money this week showing he can be a threat as a receiver as well as a good running back.

OL: Michael Roos continues to show very good technique but he needs a lot of strength conditioning. Baas worked as a center today and should forget about it. He is an OG. Adam Terry and Khaliff Barnes was handled easily this week by their DL counterparts. Both are good OL but they are not as good as previously ranked. Terry needs to keep focused with leverage. And he had problems with speed rushers.

DL: Matt Roth and Bill Swancutt definitely came and won over many scouts with their solid play and quickness off the snap. Roth especially had a solid week. Ellison is a pretty good inside DT and Lorenzo Alexander had some moments

LB: the class of the North team. Lance Mitchell is so quick and very bright. Makes solid reads and always fills the lanes properly. UConn’s Alfred Finsher made some money this week. He is a good MLB who looks so cool and calm between the tackles. Good instincts and he runs good. Jared Newberry has good range and moves well in space. Kirk Morrison is a solid MLB who makes very good contact. He gets through into the backfield as good as any LB. But the LB that I believe caught the eyes of the scouts is Barrett Ruud. He has great range and is so athletic. He did not seem to make any mistakes. While he is not your flashy type Ruud is solid and just a downright good football player who does everything well.

DB’s: Darrent Williams makes a lot of exciting plays but he also gambles a lot and screws up a lot as well. This kind of player can be a coach killer. Jammal Brimmer is a tough player who hits hard and plays hard. But he is slow. Just in watching him, and I watched him as close as I did any player, I saw him seem to be about a step away many times. This will not work in the NFL. He has to improve his field quickness and speed if he is to make it. Atogwe is a decent safety with some cover skills.

My top players of this weeks practices:
1) Matt Roth DE (North)
2) Carnell Williams RB (South)
3) Lance Mitchell LB (North)
4) Mark Clayton WR (North)
5) Marcus Spears DE (South)
6) Reggie Brown WR (South)
7) Shaun Cody DT (South)
Alfred Finsher MLB (North)
9) Barrett Ruud LB (North)
10) Bill Swancutt DE (North)
11) Wesley Britt OT (South)
12) Jason Campbell QB and Kyle Orton QB
14) Vincent Jackson WR (North)

The two players who probably helped themselves the most in the eys of the scouts were: Alfred Fincher LB and MAtt Jones WR (a QB in college)

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