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Friday, January 07, 2005

A brief description of what I do

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

There are so many draft sites out there and many of them have glowing colorful depictions of players and positions. While some of them are legit I suspect many of them are just copy catters. I suspect many of them do very little evaluating except the few games they watch in person or on TV.

A little harsh and very cynic on my part and maybe some sour grapes but there are some of us who spend a lot of time doing what we do. Some of us actually work at getting reports from information directirs at colleges and some spend money paying for tapes of players to do our own evaluation work. I even pay for information from one of the scouting services

I want to make it known for all the new posters and readers of this site that I do my homework. When i post a ranking or post a comment it comes from my personal evaluation on such player. I do not say this to be bragging. Far from it. I do this for clarification.

When you see my material I want it known that it is my opinions. Sure there is the common ground of knowledge from other draft experts that I read and some of what they say definntely plays on my thinking as I watch these players and give them grades. That is only natural. But when I make a statement I want the reader to be assured that what I say is coming from my work and not just copy catting from an internet site.

If I make a mistake on a player then that mistake was an honest mistake.

This is my passion and I spend countless hours watching football in my office. I watch in person games as well and I take time to visit college campuses as well.

This I felt was necessary and for the regulars I apologize for duplication of what I do.

Now with this preamble I thought I would give you a little of how I grade a player and how much effort goes into determining a ranking.

Scouting Evaluation: Luis Castillo DT Northwestern 6-3 308

Brief Description: Luis is a complete DT who is dominating more than half the plays. He never takes a down off and usually has a hand in on most running plays up the middle. He gets a burst off the snap and gets the upper hand quickly when engaging OL. Big powerful player who can handle the behemoths on the OL with brute force and power. Strong hands and he uses them very well to help in disengaging the block and making the tackle.


Athleticism: a quality player with athletic ability
Size: 8
Power 9-
Strength: 8
Speed: 7+
Quickness: 8-
Balance: 7+
Use OF Hands: 9-

Smarts: 8
Instincts: 8
Alertness: 8+
Leadership: 8+
Heart: 8

** note: a grade of 7 is considered above avereage in my grading

Lateral Movement skills: very good as he can slide down the line and make plays – Effective in giving chase to the QB who rolls out, applying pressure.

Strong Front Power: displayed excellent strength, blowing apart very good blocking by opponents. Has the umph to play the power tackle slot and even the Nose. Good use of hands with strong arms.

Quickness: good agility and balance allows him to move around some with more range than most DT’s. Can make plays outside but his ability to quick start from the snap along with his initial power burst he slices between OL blocking and gets inside pressure on the QB

Smarts: I have seen him play both 1 gap penetrating defense and 2 gap run stuffing defense and there is very little difference in the results. He can play both equally well. Has sharp instincts especially in the run game. He can control the line versus the run and also lend help in the pass rush. Very good ball awareness skills

Luis can be disruptive and collapse the pocket and blow apart run blocking but he can do more than that. He makes tackles (over 250 of them at NW)

Pick him with the Packers 1st selection of round 2. Tremendous work ethics and super attitude. Unlimited ability. Very coachable. The type of player you go to war with every week. He is not flashy or the highlight film type of player, but, he is just a football player that does his job on every play and does it above average consistency.

** note: as more and more draft people see this player the higher he will rise on the charts. A good all around DT is hard to find and Luis is defintely a quality DT. Should go higher than being projected by all the guides out there. Current Consensus Mid 3rd round (from the major draft pubs)

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