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Sunday, December 26, 2004

What Harlan will do in the off-season?

by Towanda
for PackerChatters

To try and analyze what Harlan will do in the off-season you need to watch his management style in the past. He clearly delineated the rules for Management" and "Football operations" in the past an there is no doubt inmy mind that he will NOT tell Sherman to fire certain assistant coaches. That makes noisesne on several levels.

First, Harlan does not know enough about football operations to be making decisions about the HC's staff. Second, If Sherman is not smart enough to see that he needs to change some assistant coaches why would you keep him as HC? Anybody whio has managed an operation knows that you don't operate succesfully that way and Harlan is an outstanding manager.

Hartlan has already broached the subject of removing one of Sherman's areas of responsibility because of overwork. Sherman has done nothing this season to show that he has changed Harlan's opinion. He looks haggard and pretty down much of the time.

Wolf may comne back as an advisor in future operations but will never be GM again. Why would you do that? You need to make movement forward not backtracking to a man who has been away from football for several years.

The logical move is to leave Sherman as VP and GM and have him (maybe consulting with Wolf) select a new, competent HC who will given authority to retain or fire anyone of Sherman's present staff that he wants.

Sherman would be under the gun to get the Packers back to where they were and eliminate the slide that has taken place the past couple of years.
If that doesn't happen Sherman could be out of GB entirely.

By winning the NFCN title we have merely demonstrated that we are the best horse in the glue factory.

The NFC stinks and this team is NOT as good as it was a couple of years ago.

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