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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Statement Game!!

by Mark Quarderer
PackerChatters Staff

This is the fourth time this year in 12 games that our defense did not play well enough for us to win.

This is the fifth time this year in 12 games that our offense did not play well enough to win.

In the two games where both units played poorly, we were blown out---Tennesee and Philadelphia.

Although we rack up prodigious numbers against mediocre defenses, the Packer offense has not had a good game against a good defense in quite a while. It remains a tremendously error-plagued group. When the game was still close and we had first and goal, we have a false start penalty by Bubba (because he's such a competitor and he was trying to make a play) and then an interception by Favre (because he's such a competitor and he was trying to make a play). When you are on the road, against a good team......you can't come up empty there. If you only get a field goal, fine. But we were never close again after that. Two consecutive turnovers followed by three consecutive three and outs. The Eagles offense stayed on the field and in rhythm until they had 35 on the board.

Defensively, we cannot stop the pass. We do not generate good pressure with our front four. Our blitz schemes are ineffective. I hate the zone blitz for us. I think that our starting corners are adequate.....but we got terrible play from our safeties today...AGAIN. And for anybody who wants to know why I think Bhawoh Jue has the tiniest nuts in the NFL, look at him when the Eagles scored their second TD. Pitiful.

As I have said before, this team cannot challenge for the trophy as currently constituted. Getting a different punter, or different return guy, or pass rushing DE, or a faster TE are not going to make the difference. This team needs some changes at the top of the roster. You have some very high salary guys who are just not making plays to help us win.

We might win the rest of our games and make the playoffs. But there is no way that this group is a serious candidate to bring the Lombardi Trophy back home this year.

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