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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sherman does not place enough value in late round picks

by pdiddy
for PackerChatters

If one were to dissect Sherman as the GM solely based upon his drafts I would have to argue that Sherman needs to put more concerted effort into the late rounds...

During the Ron Wolf era the Packers had repeated success in the late rounds such as players in round 7 (Mark Tauscher, Donald Driver, Corey Bradford) in the 6th round (Marco Rivera, Ty Detmer, Mark Brunell) and even in the 5th round (Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilla, Bernardo Harris).

Fast forward to the Mike Sherman era and the only players that come to mind are Scott Wells (7th round), James Lee (5th round but not a high level of success there as yet). The only one that stands out truly might be Aaron Kampman a 5th round pick.

My point is that Sherman tend to trade away late picks as if they are meaningless. Sherman also seems to place high value on star players and get by "on-the-cheap" with the remainder of the roster. During the Packer Super Bowl runs of the mid-90's these were the players that made the team a dominant special teams force. That trend has not continued recently.

Ultimately, the problem is that if Sherman misses on the high round picks there are no alternative players from the draft to make up for wasted early round picks. Case in point is the wasted pick of the punter from the 2004 draft. What disturbs me the most is the fact that this was a 3rd round pick. Needless to say the third round was where Wolf found the most gold (Freeman, Brooks, W. Henderson, Earl Dotson, Brian Williams, etc...).

Having ranted for a while here is my views for the upcoming 2005 draft...

Round 1 - Earnest Shazor - Safety out of Michigan
Round 2a - Justin Tuck - DE out of Notre Dame or Matt Roth DE out of Iowa
Round 2b - Alex Smith - TE out of Stanford
Round 3 - Need a linebacker here (suggestions)?
Round 4 - Albert Means- DT out of Memphis
Round 5 - Jonathan Clinkscale - OL out of Wisconsin???
Round 6 - WR/KR here
Round 7 - OL here

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