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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Packer Needs.........

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

Not going to mince words here.

I disagree with most on the board about the needs of the Packers:

This team sorely misses the work of Vonnie Holliday and until we get a power DE in here it will be a problem.

This team needs to replace C. Hunt period. No more of this teasing from him. Time to cut ranks and get a guy in here who will play football 4 quarters in each game. This will allow the SS (Roman) and the MLB (whoever it ends up being) to play more natural football.

Mark Roman is not the problem - no the problem is in front of him.

This team needs a SS which would allow Roman free to play TE slot. Sharper is lost 2 steps and 3 pounds of desire.

I see 4 positions that need to be addressed on the defensive side of the ball.
Power DE - Strong Power DT - a SS and a true MLB.

Yes they could use an OG and could use a TE and could use a FB and could use a young QB and they might need a C.

But with Favre and company I strive to work on the defense this draft and find a veteran OG and hope for a find in round 4 and 5 for a TE and FB.

Since I do not see a power DT to my liking in the draft I would go veteran DT in FA and address other needs.

People forget about Hawthorne and Orien Harris as these guys will be gone by the time we select and I do not want to move up for either one of them.

So a veteran DT in Free Agency.
Rounds 1 -2 or 3 get a power DE (a strong enforcer).
Rounds 1 2 or 3 get a ball hawking SS.
Rounds 1 -2 or 3 get a MLB and move Barnett to the WSLB.

For Sherman fortune just did not pan out. He thought he had his power DE in Joe Jonson and on paper he did. Johnson was no stiff and certainly a solid DE.

Marques Anderson was their hope for safety and the fact that this kid just flat out hurt what Sherman was hoping for.

And then Cletidus Hunt backfired on Sherman. This guy is a total jerk in my opinion. He could be making this DL solid which in turn would impact the MLB and the SS and also make it a lot easier for Grady Jackson as well.

This draft Sherman can go a long way in redoing the misfortune because of injury - not working out and huge slackers.

Just on the surface but if I were the GM here is what I do:

Come Feb I make it known that I want a top notch Veteran FA DT. Let it be known that the Packers are serious about getting the best and do not pussyfoot around as is the usual MO of Sherman in FA.

Then if I have room I also add a veteran young LB for depth and Special Teams.

The Draft:

Round 1: I go DE if one slips to us. And the prospects are there to get a power DE. We have edge rushers it is the power part of the rush that is killing this team.

Round 2: I get a safety and the guy I want is Nicholson. After a long hard look at the safeties I want this guy. A hard nosed football player and not a finesse type of athletic player. This guy is the enforcer on the Sooners secondary.

Round 2: There are two MLB's in this draft who are getting down ranked because they are not the flashy players. All they do is make hard tackles and play smart football. Even though both might be ranked lower than pick 60 or so I take either one of them (Will Derting or Kirk Morrison).

Round 3 I add to the OL by getting a C/OG.

Round 4 I select a rookie QB even though we have Nall and J T O'Sullivan - this is my luxury pick of the draft.

Round 5 (Raiders pick) I believe I add a WR/Returner with this selection
Round 6: (Raiders pick) I add a TE here.

Now this is all needs based drafting and there are areas where I could draft a different player in a round for example maybe I go S in round 1 and DE in round 2.

Whatever, I am looking for solid hard nosed football players and not developmental types with the exception of a QB in round 4.

Oh yeah I forgot - I also work a trade and acquire another 3rd round pick and select myeself a good developmental punter just to hack off everyone on the board.

My first official act of defiance as the new GM of the Packers.

My objective is a plan and not just going with a hodge podge of players.

Power is missing from the defense and I get it.

With 4 picks in the first day this allows us the gift of gettig an OG on day 1.

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