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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Mental Discipline

by Hands
for PackerChatters

During the late 90's you use to see th Packers just about every week. Got me spoiled. The thing was I found their Offense very boring to watch. Their defense was what I enjoyed watching. This year we have seen more of the Packers then normal and the reverse is true.

Finally I realized why I like certain aspects to the team. I don't know who started the saying but heveryone has heard of the expression " imposing their will" on the other team. Essentially that is what is missing w/ the Packers on both sides of the ball. If you think of the weapons that we have on offense... and go back to the Indy game, we could be monsters except we don't believe or have the will to impose our style of play. I think the reason is one of "we don't know who we are" . Do we take one of the leagues best runners and pound the ball, or do we use a future HOF QB and build an explosive team that can't be stopped like the Colts. Now the following is not critical of Sherman, the Packers haven't decided yet how they could be great. This may not make too much sense but I'll try to explain.

I watched the Redskins this week and immediatly thought of Gibb's first year w/ Washington. (Yes I'm telling my age) This team is very similar to his first year as head coach. You can see that the team is beginning to understand what is expected and why. During this learning curve you have guys wanting to take short-cuts and breaking down the system. ONCE you have everyone's attention and make it clear what direction they should be going, they play like a team and become hard to beat. Next year the Redskins will be very hard to stop because the new system will be like a well oiled machine. His Superbowl teams had some talent but compared to the 49'ers, Giants, Bears, they won because of the way they played as a team. The beauty of the Redskins was that they could change their style of play depending on their talent.
Getting back to the Packers, I don't think that either side of the ball has the descipline or the will to follow the system that the coaches are teaching. Just my opinion, I don't know if the Packers have the right mix of players to make these systems work. I really don't think it's a talent issue but a desire issue. If the system is complex, then it will take longer to learn but results would be worth it. At times I see our defense as something that could be great but isn't working together. Same w/ the offense.

Now before we hang Sherman, he has done one heck of a job as coach when you compare his record to the rest of the league. I think that he wants very badly to take this team in a different direction but is afraid that he will have to dismantle some of his key players. In other words I think he inherited a good team that was playing poorly. He has to either do some major tweaking or take this group of players and make them understand how they can become champions and impose their will on other teams. I don't think anyone can answer that at this point.

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