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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Do the Packers have their offense in gear and ready to play?

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

I am not so sure about that. 5 games this year the offense has dropped the ball and really not played that well at all. Of course some of that was just good defense but a lot of it was due to the Packers not being ready, to the OL just flat out taking downs off, to poor execution, to dropped passes and some weird routes run by the receivers. And yes, poor play from Brett Favre as well.

The offense can move the ball but can it score or be a threat to score on every possession? The answer to that is a resounding “NO it cannot”. Where does the problem exist where this offense just flutters and spits and coughs and eventually dissolves? Is it the plays called – is it the poor decisions - is it too conservative. Are the flow and schemes so mundane that the attention level and alertness falls off the charts and we see penalties occur and we see poor execution abound?

I think this culture of carelessness talked about is because of that factor. We do not have a supreme flow to our offense. We have a hodge-podge type of flow and ebb to our offense. I am not saying we have a predictable offense, no, no in fact it is just the opposite. You might say that when Mike Sherman took over calling the plays the offense became a little more predictable and when Mike Sherman tried to bring in “exotic” changes is when we saw the return of poor execution and sporadic play. Things seemed out of sync.

I like Tom Rossely as a man and as a person who knows offense. But I am sorry to say that I just get the feeling that he does not understand flow. Sure we set some records last season with our offense but I could just imagine just what this team could have done with better input and flow. I believe this team could really scare the NFL - Ahman Green, Javon Walker, Robert Ferguson, Donald Drive and Bubba Franks and Brett Favre are very good players. Brett Favre has lost a step or two and has begun to show some graying but his gray is next to being All Pro football. He is 35 years old, but still capable of outplaying QB’s 12 years younger than he is.

Talk about getting deputy defensive assistants, I have a possible idea for something. Rossley is very bright and understands offense. But where he fails I believe is continuity or integrity of a drive. The flow of the game as it plays out. Plays out where everyone on offense is “in the flow”. The Indy Colts have that zone of understanding flow and they play maximum football on offense. I can just dream when I think the Packers playing maximum football. Heck, it would be safe to say that I have witnessed 2 games, maybe 3 this year where the team was on the same page with each other and the calls made by the OC were aligned with the flow of the game. The right plays for the right down meshed and everything flowed smoothly. The OL was in the box, execution was crisp and attention was at high levels.

No one is any better with scheming plays and coming up with new twists for old plays than Rossley. But I wonder if maybe he does not have a grasp of the order or consistency in calling those plays? Maybe Rossley is our resident genius but we need someone up there with a better feel for how the game is going and how to keep the players (all 11 of them) on the same ebb and flow. This may not be a good example but I once had an instructor who was literally a genius. He knew the material and could expand on the material but this guy was pitiful as an instructor. I mean he was all over the landscape with ideas and theories but never was able to incorporate all that knowledge into a working flow for the students to be able to follow and understand.

Maybe I am describing the actual definition of a coordinator. Someone who takes the master genius designs and is able to incorporate them in a managing flow of efficiency with maximum output.

Sometimes just because of the athleticism of the players we have scored on plays that were strange and seemed out of sequence to what we were doing. In spite of the result, I have said it many times this season, why in the world did we run that play and yet it worked despite not being the optimum play that maybe should have been called. We got some wonderful talent on offense and I believe we are not utilizing the strengths of those players. But, because they are so good, we get positive results but many times this year we do not get a consistency of those results and we see penalties and poor execution and something happens to end drives. Despite all our defensive woes this season I truly believe this team should be sitting at 11-2 right now with victories against the Titans – the Bears and the Giants. And some of those close games should have been put a-ways as well.

I am saying we keep Rossley because there are few far and between who is adept at designing plays and mastering changes to what defenses put up against the offense during the week of prep. What we need is to have a guy who works hand in hand with Rossley but actually is the game flow coordinator.

I do not know, maybe I am spinning and not really making any sense at all. I tend to be better informed about a defense than I am offense anyhow. I know many of you think that all we need is just a different OC. But when I look at what Rossley brings I see very few as innovative and as bright as this man. If he could just maximize the flow better.

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