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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Contract situation: Ahman Green

by Mark Quarderer
PackerChatters Staff

If we learned anything from the McKenzie situation, it is that control of the situation ultimately rests with the player.

Green is the best running back I've ever seen for the Packers, and that would include Hornung, Taylor and the rest. He's a nearly sure bet to pick up the third and one and is a tremendous home run threat.

Although NFL running backs age quickly, many HOF running backs (and I do believe that Green is having a HOF career) have played well into their 30s. He's been relatively durable so far, missing only a few starts.

I remember the frustration during the Long Dry Spell when we couldn't establish a running game. I would not want to go back to those days.

A $14 million SB, along with salary, over a 5 year period would put him at around 4-5 million/year.......exactly what people are saying we should pay to keep Wahle around. Surely Green is as important to the Packers, and as difficult to replace, as Mike Wahle.

I would not want to place much hope on Najeh Davenport at this point. So far, he has not demonstrated he has the kind of durability that a premiere running back requires. In fact, he hasn't even demonstrated the kind of durability that a quality backup requires. I expect Davenport to attract offers this offseason, and I'd be inclined to let him go if the price is right and then draft a durable powerback who can hang onto the ball as a change of pace for Ahman.

Tony Dorsett credits his longevity in the league to the fact that Tom Landry regulated his carries to about 20/game. I'd be in favor of that with Ahman. This is a guy who could be a valuable component to one of the better running attacks in the league for a number of years yet. I expect that we'll make every effort to keep him in Green Bay.

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