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Monday, November 29, 2004

We MUST develop a solid Defense!

by JCro
for PackerChatters

In thinking about where this division will be in say, 5 years. We MUST develop a solid Defense. Look at who we may be seeing in our own Division alone.

Minnesota - Moss, Culpepper (Still young and May bolt..but may not), Younger O-line. And Young RB's. Weapons lots of them.

Detroit - Roy Williams, Kevin Jones, Charles Rogers, a Young QB if they ever figure that out they will move the Ball.

Chicago - Rex Grossman was drafted with the intent of BEING their Future. Put some pieces around him.(He's already shown signs of being a good one) Their D is getting better with Lovie, so they will focus on getting some strength on the Offense in the upcoming drafts.

Even if SOME of these players don't work out for whatever reason. The point is, this Division is POISED to be a tough Offensive division for years. We better Damn sure have the foresight to look ahead to stopping some of them until OUR youth movement on Offense takes shape. The time is now to go through the growing pains while we can still put up some points with Favre at the helm.

Defense MUST be addressed. Unless a Leinart or Rodgers are available at QB (unlikely), We have GOT TO go "D".

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