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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Time will tell...

by sarahfar1
PackerChatters Staff

but I continue to believe the criticism of the offense especially Favre is really wrong.

On the other hand, given what I witnessed today, I have to say this team will not, I stress, not, win a SB or win too many playoff games with that defense. Don't take me wrong. I'm excited about Carroll and would say generally the play of KGB was lifted, but Hunt the safety play, the depth at Lb and generally the play as unit was pretty damn bad. It's hard to see without a running game and with that set of receivers, how they scored 31 points. I'm sorry to say this, but there is something drastically wrong with the defense. Personally, Jethro is a large part of it, but Slowik is still struggling to adjust from apparent disbelief of how bad some of the talent is. I love Barnett, Carroll and some of the second unit dl even, but it's hard to excuse how many big plays on 3rd down this team gave up. I know there are a lot of believers in the unit and it's talent. I know Slowik is convinced they can run the NE defense and is trying to be aggressive. But frankly, 9 games into the season, it's very hard to see how this unit with all the money and picks spent, hasn't taken a step backward.

I have to conclude this is a big win and cudos to Sherman, Favre, the offense and tremendous special teams with the exception of Barker who was bad. But this team will be hard pressed to win 9 games without a change in philosophy or mircale in terms of talent on defense.

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