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Monday, November 22, 2004

MY thoughts on last nights game and the boys...

by jomama
for PackerChatters

I thought defense stepped up in second half. Glad to see Hunt and Grady take over the game, been waiting for that for awhile. Still think our DE's suck! KGB is overpaid and Kampman ain't doing much this season! The same shoe I had up Hunt's rear-end, I'm going to stick in KGB's and Kampman's! They need to step it up!!!

More positive, HOW ABOUT JHUE!!! He seemed to make alot of critical plays on runs and passes!!!!! Carroll was damn decent in run support and I will repeat, it's pleasant to see a DB tackle people aggressively versus McKenzie, Williams, etc. one hand slaps! Joey Thomas is gaining valuable playing time, give the kid some time. On the negative, Sharper should be paying us to play on this team!

For two weeks in a row now Torrance Marshall has been on a tear! We need a guy like this on the field ala Wayne Simmons from a few years ago. I'll state this again, in passing downs Barnett and Marshall would be the two LB's I'd want out there. He will be starting in place of Navies very shortly, as I thought Navies performance has been sliding terribly the last few games! Kudos to Diggs, he's playing much better! It seems like Grady, Diggs and Carroll are starting to lead this defense. Barnett is once again going into his mid-season/late season disappearing act. 'Don't get me wrong, I love Barnett as a outside LB, not the middle.'

Kudos to Walt Williams before he got hurt. Get the kid ready and Rest Ahman. Najeh will be ready as will Fisher. See Najeh Run, See Luchey Run, See Henderson Run. Henderson is playing like a guy on a mission.
A quiet leader! I'm starting to like the mix and playcaling a whole lot!

Driver, Walker, Ferguson, Chatman, Bubba-- great job.

As for #4, there ain't much too say other than you folks on this board who think he should hang'em up, well he's proven you wrong just about every week now. Great Job Brett. Leaders lead!!

How about a kudo to Mike Sherman! When he's wrong, I let him know, when's he's right we need to let him know, also. Great Job Sherm!!!

Now the great news. We are a second half team and the cold weather is coming!! Never thought that 9-7 would make the playoffs, it will this year. I suspect 10-6 wins the division.

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