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Monday, November 22, 2004

More random candor...

by packdaddy
for PackerChatters

For what it's worth.

I'll try not to echo what others have said quite well already.

1. I watched the first half on TV, and had to listen to the second half on the radio (Westwood 1). The ESPN TV crew was quite correctly pointing out the great job Harris was doing sticking to Johnson all night. Then, midway through the 3rd quarter, the radio crew said how Harris had no answer for Johnson and he had been beaten all night and they should go to him every time because Harris can't stop him. Crazy. I really lost respect for that crew.

2. What in the world was Sherman doing calling a time out prior to challenging the Ferguson catch. Anyone have an answer for me on this one? Look, if you challenge and lo
se, it costs a time out. So if Sherman was taking the TO in order to buy time to determine if he should challenge, he threw the TO away. He should have just challenged and if he was wrong, the the TO leaves that way. Seems silly to give it away. Plus, if the ruling on the field stood, it would've cost 2 TOs. Didn't like that one. I'm not just being picky. Time outs mean a lot in close games.

3. Having only heard the second half, the announcers said Henderson hurdled another guy during his 20 yard catch. Is this true? Was it awesome? Man, I wish I could've seen it.

4. Jue covers a LOT of ground.

5. Which guy is a bigger waste of a mega contract, D. Sharper or C. Hunt?

6. Barker earned his keep if the snaps were as bad as the radio crew said.

7. Longwell is a top-5 player on our team. He gets little credit as such.

8. Sure, Favre had 2 picks, but he threw 50 times. That's a 4% interception percentage. His career % is 3.2%. Plus, after Green and Williams were gone, and with the Packers down, Houston knew he'd be throwing on almost every down. Incredible job by Favre.

9. Mike McKenzie? Who's he?

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