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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Midseason competition - The Safeties

by Thomas Pyc
PackerChatters Staff

In the NFL, players should always be looking over their shoulders. It keeps them playing at the highest level possible and should potentially lead to having the best team possible on the filed.

With the defense ailing earlier this year Ahmad Carroll made the jump over Michael Hawthorne on the depth chart as did Joey Thomas over Jason Horton. Is it time for another change? Or, a better question, has Bhawoh Jue warranted one?

For the second straight game, as replacement for Darren Sharper, Jue lead the team in tackles (26 for the year). He has one interception over the past two contests and put himself in position for two more.

Mark Roman (36 tackles) has obviously been an improvement over the departed Marques Anderson. He also made a great third down tackle inside the five on Sunday. But with no interceptions on the season and no passes defensed on a team in desperate need of defensive playmakers and a -11 turnover differential, one has to wonder - who should sit when Sharper is back to 100%? I would consider trying a Sharper/Jue safety duo.

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