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Friday, November 26, 2004

I think it is definitely a foregone conclusion that Wahle is gone...

by bizarro
for PackerChatters

Unfortunate: He is a truly athletic and gifted player...but he seems to have a very large ego and is outspoken about ridiculous things ala the players guide. He also has been getting caught a bit this year with some untimely holding penalties...though i don't hold that against him whatsoever...refs can call that when they want to. Yet, as PN has stated, a high draft pick more than likely can replace him.

HOWEVER, there is reason for concern with this...If Favre chooses to stay...which I believe he will, there will be uncertainty with the O-Line. Personally, I believe first and foremost Sherman will probably address the priority first in FA with a solid Left Guard...then draft a young athletic and versatile Guard. I, personally, don't think they have much faith in Curtin...and you certainly can't expect him to bounce back from that knee surgery. He'll, imho, be lucky to make the roster next year. Morley is still a huge project...was very shaky last year. IMHO still a year or two away from being a solid backup like Barry.

I believe they will attempt to keep Barry...but they probably won't overpay him. If someone makes a daring offer I do not believe we will match. He has been inconsistent and hasn't demonstrated versatility; not that we have needed him to.

IMHO, again, I believe they will make the midrange offer to Barry...maybe a bit more. But, if he goes...which they probably will allow him to do if the Pack are outbid....they will more than likely invest that money in a FA guard and NT (one or the other/maybe both).

If Rivera wants to stay he is absolute insurance...You know he can still play and he certainly can mentor draft picks. He'll stay midrange, hopefully...

O-Line as I see it next year: 1)Clifton, FA, Flanny, Rivera, Tauscher

****I think the real story is the backups next year...Is Barry going to stay? If he does we're looking fairly solid again. If he doesn't the draft will completely reshape itself...Obviously the draft will probably be the indicator of how things are going. Last year it was a reality that the McKenzie situation was very serious after drafting two corners in the first two rounds

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