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Sunday, November 28, 2004

How good is the 2004 version of Brett Favre?

by Towanda
for PackerChatters

I keep thinking about the question of just how good is the 2004 version of Brett Favre. We know that in the 90's no QB could match up with Favre, but how about now?

Favre and Peyton Manning are the two best protected QBs in the NFL - about 5 sacks or so. I believe that one of Favre's five sacks came when a RB missed a block on a blitzer and three were charged as "coverage sacks" where maybe Favre held the ball too long. Five sacks in 10 games. Incredible.

We see what Manning is doing and it demonstrates what can be done with that kind of protection. Most likely this ia an aberration and Manning will never repeat it but it does serve a criterion for passing performance.

Now I think about the plays that Favre has made, and he has made some very good ones this season, and wonder how another QB would do under similar circumstances. How many starting QBs could do as well as Favre has done with the protection and the running game of the Packers?

Manning? Brees? Rothlisberger? Green? Brady? Garcia? McNair? Palmer? Culpepper? McNabb? Bulger? Warner? Vick? Hasselbeck? Delhomme? Plummer?

I don't want to be sacrilegious but I would bet that at least half of them could do equally well. When I read someone saying that without Favre the team would be horse manure I have to shake my head and say "baloney". I think that at this point Favre is replaceable.

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