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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Four games....

by Andy
for PackerChatters

Several posters have quoted Patty that we have held opposing teams to 14 or fewer points in 4 games this season. We won 3 of those games. In the other win, the defense held the opposing team to 20 points.

Yet in almost every analysis, our defense is ranked toward the bottom. So what gives? I thought I would look at how well other teams do at holding opposing teams to 14 points or less.

The good news. GB has done this more than most teams. The Eagles have held teams to 14 or fewer points 5 times. In our division, Chicago has done it 3 times, Detroit 2 and Minnesota 1.

The bad news. There does not seem to be much correlation betweent this statistic and a team's record. Teams in our division:

Team Wins Games Below 14
Minnesota 5 1
Detroit 4 2
Green Bay 4 4
Chicago 2 3

Other than the Eagles, the teams doing best have not held the opposing team below 14 many times. New England has done it 3 times, Pittsburg 1, Atlanta 1.

So what does this mean? That this statistic is does not tell all about how good a defense is. Stats like time of possession, yardage, etc. do mean something and make a difference in the outcome of games.

Also that the GB offense needs to keep opening it up to score more points. Sherman has done that more than Rossley did. He needs to keep it up.

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