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Monday, November 29, 2004

Favre and the cover-2

by Mark Lawrence
PackerChatters Staff

Well, tonight we get to see how the "new" Favre responds to the old cover-2.

StL is one of the teams that plays Favre hard. I believe on most plays we'll see them in a zone - essentially no man coverage in the back field. I believe we'll see their cornerbacks watching Favre's eyes, and all but ignoring our WRs. We'll see their safeties playing well back, backpedaling, and trying to keep the game in front of them. Their DL will work to keep Favre contained in the pocket, but I doubt we'll see much in the way of blitzing. Favre on the run is almost twice as accurate as Favre in the pocket.

It will be Sherman's job to keep Favre calm, taking what is offered. There should be open routes in the middle for Driver, Bubba, and Fergy if he's healthy. It should be possible to make a bunch of 5-12 yard passes.

I don't know the StL secondary much, so I don't know if Walker can torch them on long routes. If Favre tries to get cute on intermediate routes, they're going to get a bun

ch of interceptions and this will be a long night.

The plus here is that the defense I'm describing should be very vulnerable to play action - Green and especially Davenport should have a big night, especially late in the game when we've hopefully worn their front 7 down. Our running attack - Davenport pounding up the middle, Green slashing past the ends - is exactly what you want to wear these guys down and draw their safeties up into the box.

The threat would be if the Rams go up by two scores and remove our running game. That would leave us in a very precarious state. It would be a really good thing if we scored on our first possession, and I believe it necessary that we score on one of our first two. We must not significantly trail in this game - Favre is not likely to be able to engineer a come-back against this defense.

Bottom line prediction: The Rams are a fraud, and grass and cold weather are their bane. GB, 31-24.

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