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Friday, November 12, 2004

FARVE BASHING needs to stop!

by sarahfar1
PackerChatters Staff

Whether Favre is Favre or less than Favre is really becoming a ridiculous argument. Some quarters seem determined to ignore the facts and reality. Favre is not the real problems here.

Here's a shocking news flash. While I'm not upset with Green because he's likely injured, Green and the run game are the problem on offense. Patty points out the OL problems and I tend to agree with Patty. What is indisputable is they can't run the ball like they built the offense to do and it has strained the passing game and an early suspect defense

8 games 2003 2004
Green 879 719
Davenport 202 119

Packers 1234 959
Opp 938 929

These numbers don't lie and whether it's the OL, a nicked Green and Davenport or both, they have been less than planned and pushed more of the load to Favre even in the 2nd of half of the Washington game.

Time to leave Favre alone. Maybe we she see if Walter Williams can play? How many are up for that? I'm not and I tire of this constant harang to play Nall or O'Sullivan to play them. This may be a 6-10 team or it may be a 10-6 team with SB aspirations, it depends on a lot of underachieving overpaid vets of which Favre and even Green aren't part. Some of this goes to coaching early. They have historically been slow to adjust. They were early slow, adjusted and now are challenged again. Yes they will now have to adjust after the 2nd half of Washington. That staff really exposed some things 2nd half and we'll see how they adjust. The packers have 4 games here that will tell what kind of team they are. 3 of these teams have great offenses and one is a team on the rise. If the Packers have any hopes at all they will beat the Vikings at home. 4 home losses in a year or more than 4 would be a very serious problem, and when you look at a 1-3 home team and 3-1 road team, something other than Brett Favre is wrong.

I really like what Patty said. This is a team that has to decide if they want to play. They have enough talent on this team to be a contender. It really comes down to veterans on defense and the ol making plays that really have not consistently done in the first half.

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