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Monday, November 22, 2004

Early thoughts on last night's game...

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

Very disappointing game for me. The Packers really blew themselves up with stupid penalties and some questionable execution as well.

Disappointed with Ferguson as he got hurt again this game - a very good player who cannot stay healthy enough to be a factor

Disappointed with Mike Wahle as his effort and execution bothered me especially in the first half.

Things I liked was the 4th quarter as the defense stiffened and the offense did enough to win a game they should have walked away with with ease.

Brett despite 2 INT's looked in control all of the game.

Mark Roman redeemed himself as I watched closely where he played and what he did. It appeared to me he followed Domanick Davis all night or at least keyed on him. Made 2 very solid tackles on Davis and also it appeared to me that Roman took away David Carr's choice a few times as well. (Still no pick or pass defended.)

Diggs stepped up and played pretty fair tonight.

T. Marshall needs to get his butt chewed on for his play tonight. Stupid and unnecessary.

Tonight we did it without a running game and here is hoping that Ahman Green will be fine for Monday Night versus the beatable Rams. The secondary is beginning t get in sync and are not blowing assignments like they were earlier in the year. Carroll and Harris are players that can make a difference - Roman is playing just above average for the most part and is a sure thing in the open field for making a tackle. Jue missed another pick but he is looking better than I thought possible.

Hey a rested Davenport and Ahman will make a difference. Throw in Favre playing more in control and the defense beginning to look in sync for the first time (I mean they looked like a defense tonight that meant business) - Play to their strength and it would not surprise me to see the Packers beat the Rams 35 to 20

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