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Friday, November 19, 2004

Brett Favre: The Living Legend.

by Torkelson
for PackerChatters

The Living Legend. Thats what they call him around the NFL. No, It's not a mock. They mean it. The NFL has built their image around him. His autobiography is #16 on the non-fiction best seller list. If you ask people who best exemplifies strenght and toughness most people will say Brett Favre. It used to be John Wayne, or Clint Eastwood.

Opponents fear him yet revel the oppourtunity to play him. After games he gets asked for his autograph. By players and coaches!! But he's no 'star'. He's genuine. Human. His intimate sufferings are open for the world to see. Which makes it all the more incredible his ability to overcome them. The pressure to perform under these circumstance is unimaginable. The media is waiting for his fall, his failure, yet he continues to awe viewers and opponents bye performing his craft under any amount of duress. Turning in incredible performances. True blue hero type stuff. Raising goosebumps across TV land.

He's imperfect, like everyone. Something that makes the connection with all of us stronger. But when the chips are down he's the guy who comes through. The guy who gets it done. No excuses. He carries the load. And he delivers.

Now I'm a lifelong Packerfan. Born that way. My father and I watched Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr carry the same mantra in the Camelot years. The stuff of legend. We remembered what happenned. The unatainable, near perfection achievements accomplished by men who by most standards were inferioir athletically, but motivated beyond any means to win. A passion. Love for the game.

What I'm getting at is we are watching true history everytime Brett steps on the field. And everygame that passes will only add to his legend. Because he is ours many of us dont realize how incredible his accomplishments are. Now he may or may not win another SB. I'm not sure either way. But I am positive I wouldn't bet against it. We watched him duel against Manning and Harrison. And he would have won if not for a untimely fumble by Javon. Not to mention an unreal meltdown by the Packers defense. We watched him beat Culpepper, who is the most talented QB on the planet, he went 20 of 29 with 2 drops and 2 spikes in that game and beat him. Again with a defense that passed him the buck.

Brett is performing at an unreal level right now. Alot of people are stunned by this because of his age. And are waiting for the downfall. But just to give my opinion think about this. I think maybe Brett has found his wisdom. As everyone has said Brett should get better with his descisions with time and improve if he can keep his arm. Well I think it's begginning to happen. Now age will eat away at everyones ability. But I think Brett may be starting to 'act' his age. What people need to realize is Brett is a horse of a different color. And things change at a different pace for him.

He just might be finally approaching his window. The spot in his career where he is at his apex. And considering his history that would fit him.

Considering his Offensive line and his weapons, WR's, RB's, it might be on the verge. Something tells me Brett is poised to blow us away. It may end up being somewhere in between, it might be next year. But Brett is getting close to his autum summer. What a great way to finish that would be. And considering his history I would bet on it.

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