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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Why 'not' to play the backup QB...

by leadpill
for PackerChatters

(Warning. Opinions below.)

Nall is not gonna play. Sherman won't play him. No other coach in the league would either.

A football T E A M is a work in progress. Chemistry and team-building is best done on the field. A teams' fire is forged in the trenches as much as the practice field, if not more. Believe me, in 3 seasons of NFL and one of NFLE I am pretty d@mned sure that the Packers coaching staff knows all they need to know about Mr. Nall.

Seriously, if you have made it to the rank of NFL coach you are given some lee-way with philosophy. I quite agree with leaving the 1st team in as much as possible. Many times it seems the Packers improve throughout the season. Why? Because with each game their performance in relation to their teammates improves. I would think twice before jeapordizing this, and certainly not just to see a QB play that has been on my roster for 3 years.

So does the ongoing development of the 2004 Packers get the call, or do we use the opportunity instead to give experience to another QB? Who even knows what Nall's status is anyway. Maybe they already know he's never gonna start for the Pack. Why play him then?

There are some things on this topic that could be debated. Maybe. Well. Actually....
no there are not. No other team would have put in their backup. Nall is not the designated heir to Farve, so what is the deal?????

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