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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Why do some people vilify John Dorsey?

by ArizonaPackerFan
for PackerChatters

I can't say if Dorsey is good or bad, because I'm not in any meetings with the guy. But I never understood why some people on the forum don't like him. According to an article I read about the drafting of Sander, it sounded like Hatley was one of the guys who misjudged the selection the most.

Dorsey was the one according to the article who stood up for his beliefs and spoke up against taking a punter. Sherman has to listen to all of his people, and make the final judgement based on the information he gets from his people. In this case, it looks like he might have listened to the wrong people. No matter who was right or wrong though, I don't want a bunch of yes men working for the Packers. I want independent thinkers who are willing to give their opinions to the GM so the GM can make an informed decision. Dorsey definately wasn't a yes man in this case, so I admire him for standing up for his beliefs in this instance. Below is an excerpt from an article I read at Jsonline:

Sources close to the situation said Sherman and the late Hatley were the key figures behind the decision.

The Packers entered the draft with Sander on the board as a fourth-round pick. Shaun Herock, their Midwest area scout, gave him a seventh-round grade.

As the third round unfolded, Sherman and Hatley kept talking about the threat of the Cincinnati Bengals taking Sander (they owned the final pick of the third round) before the Packers could exercise the sixth pick of the fourth. Sander hails from Cincinnati, and there was talk that the Bengals had been calling him a lot.

"The Bengals had him late sixth round," a close friend of Bengals special-teams coach Darrin Simmons said a few days after the draft. "I also heard the word came out of Green Bay that the Bengals were going to draft a punter in the third, and that's why they took him (Sander). Which is completely false."

Special-teams consultant Frank Novak, a confidant of Sherman, also was very high on Sander and advocated trading up.

John Dorsey, the team's director of college scouting, spoke up against taking a punter in the third round when he discovered what was happening. Director of pro personnel Reggie McKenzie thought it was a mistake, as well. Some of the assistant coaches were griping, too.

With the Dolphins' third-round pick in hand and the deadline for the selection approaching, Sherman summoned Bonamego to the draft room and asked him whether Sander was going to be a "great" punter.

When Bonamego replied that he could be a "good" punter for the Packers, Sherman waved to an associate to phone in the pick.

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