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Monday, October 18, 2004

Who would be a better QB than Favre?

by LosAngelis
for PackerChatters

Okay, I was doing some more thinking about Favre. I made the statement that there aren’t many quarterbacks out there starting that I would want starting for my team right now instead of Favre.

So, I thought we’d go team-by-team.

Here we go, the first will be the team, followed by the quarterback, followed by MY opinion whether this quarterback would be better for us RIGHT NOW (as if to say, to win more games this season then we would with Favre).

Baltimore: Kyle Boller (no)
Buffalo: Drew Bledsoe (no)
Cincinnati: Carson Palmer (no)
Cleveland: Jeff Garcia (don’t think so)
Denver: Jake Plummer (no)
Houston: David Carr (no)
Indianapolis: Peyton Manning (yes)
Jacksonville: Byron Leftwich (no)
Kansas City: Trent Green (no)
Miami: Feely/ Fiedler/Rosenhaus (no, no, no)
Patriots: Tom Brady (quite possible..do we have the same team environment?)
Jets: Chad Pennington (no)
Oakland: Kerry Collins/Rich Gannon (no, no)
Pittsburgh: Ben Rothlisburger (maybe..definate for the future, but now?)
San Diego: Drew Brees (no)
Tennessee: Steve McNair (possible..can he stay on the field?)

Chicago: Rex Grossman/Quinn (no, no)
Dallas: Vinny Testaverde (no)
Detroit: Joey Harrington (no)
Minnesota: Daunte Culpepper (probably yes..we don’t have Moss)
New Orleans: Aaron Brooks (no)
New York Giants: Kurt Warner (push, if not a step down)
Philly: Donovan McNabb (probably)
San Francisco: Tim Rattay (no)
Seattle: Matt Hassleback (maybe)
St. Louis: Mark Bulger (I’m not thinking it’s a good fit)
Tampa Bay: B. Johnson/Griese (no, no)
Washington: Mark Brunell (no)

So, while people complain about Favre, what QB’s would you really trade him for right now (assuming you could)? Manning, McNabb, and Culpepper are probably the only “right now” QB’s that would be a viable step up. Warner, Hasselback, Bulger, McNair, and Brady? They are doing well in their current situations…would they be able to translate that to the Packer environment?

So, just some food for thought and debate. Now, of course, there's some good QB's out there I'd love to grab if we're sticking a fork in this season (and Favre) and looking to rebuild (Rothlisberger, Pennington, Leftwich). That's a whole other discussion.

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