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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Views on the McKenzie trade...and more!

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

Green Bay got about 60 to 70 cents on the dollar for Mike McKenzie but then again that is about the value expected.

The trade also brings with it some promise as well in QB J.T. O'Sullivan a very athletic QB with a burning drive and the ability to throw 4 of the 5 required passes of an NFL QB (and he throws them extremely well). The only pass where he does have some problems is the deep out pass but how many times have we seen Favre throw that pass in the last 5 years (maybe 8 times in total)

The conditional draft pick to the Saints is scary...just what could it be? This will determine the final value of this trade.

Even if the 2nd rounder is the 2nd choice of the Saints in that round is fine with me.

I do believe Mike Sherman had to make this trade and should have done it sooner. I do believe McKenzie was ripping the chemistry of the team from an execution and an attitude point of view. We do not have access to the locker room but there were tell tell signs that allegiances were at play and the longer Sherman allowed it to fester the worse the division among the guys got. (Just my opinion).

This is just the first step for Sherman

Now he needs to get after his offense This team has only scored 7 points and 10 points in 2 losses to teams they should have won easily. This team wants to be a power running team and yet it is not. The pass sets up our running game and not the opposite. This team is a pass offense and sorry I do not want any controversy from this but this offense has cost this team 2 wins right now.

If we had execution and the will to play every down on offense right now we would not have stumbled and bumbled in the Bears game. YESTERDAY WAS NOT REALLY ALL THE GIANTS STOPPING THE OFFENSE. NO SIR NOT AT ALL. IT WAS EXECUTION AND JUST FLAT OUT NOT WANTING TO WORK FOR IT BY THE OFFENSE! Sure Brett got injured but in the first half this team should have been putting the Giants away considering we shut them out.

Mike Sherman has to scrap this new version of offense and get back to what worked for them. They have the same guys who scored quite well 2 years ago and even last year (guys like Clifton and Wahle and Rivera and Tauscher - guys like Fergy and Walker and Driver - Guys like AHman Green and Brett Favre). Certainly mix in some new stuff but the job for Mike Sherman and Tom Rossley is to get these guys dedicated to making the play work and not just go through the motions. You got to want to and you got to have the attitude that it will work even if it does not work one time you have to believe it will and do it. This is missing.

Take care of this area and it will be a wonder of all the ills that get blown away. Suddenly games will become easier to play and win. This defense has actually played pretty well in 3 of the 4 games despite the yards given up.

You ask any head coach if you could have every game where you only allow 14 points to be scored against your defense would you take it........and every single head coach would say get ready for the Super Bowl.

I am not saying this defense is great. Not yet. But I am saying that yes they are giving up yards but not scores and that is the key to any defense It is the score that matters and not the yards that determines who won or lost.

Now on defense Mike Sherman needs to make some adjustments with a play all out or sit order. And he needs to play the rookies. Rookies can make plays and can play well and you can win with rookies here and there in your lineup. Coddling them will not be the answer.

I am not giving up on this season at all. I do not believe Mike Sherman is a bust. Heck his record suggests just the opposite. This is his first real test as a leader and many want him kicked out. I believe this is assinine talk but that is for another area of this board.

Trading Mike McKenzie was the first step of about 4 or 5 things Mike Sherman needs to do to right the team.

While I wish we might have gotten more for McKenzie I thought all along about 60 to 70 cents on the dollar would be about the value we get for him.

Who knows but maybe O'Sullivan is for real.

Mike Sherman needs to be decisive this week. Make proactive moves and make it known that things are not right. Appeal to the professionalism in these guys. He did it before and he can do it again.

How he does things this week will determine just if he has lost this team. I do not believe he has. But the longer he screwed around with Mike McKenzie the worse it made him appear as weak. Now Sherman as to make the next step and not sit around thinking about every darn variable involved. He needs to move quickly.

Can he do it? That has been the biggest worry I have had with Mike Sherman - he moves too slow in making decisions as he over analyzes everything.

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