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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thought for the day...

by Tim Hauck
for PackerChatters

I have ABSOLUTELY no facts or inside information to back this up it is just an opinon.

Packers.com has stated that Sherman will be doing the playcalling against Dallas. This raises some serious points in my mind.

One- Worst case - Sherman has realized he is not going to be GM after the end of the year and wants to get more involved in the HC portion of the game by being more hands on than he has been in several years.

Two- He has realized that Rossely is not the "genius" he thought he was and is more of less demoting him to a coach and not a coordinator.

Three - Both of the above are true and will happen and he has decided that HC is more to his liking than GM. (or he was told this by Harlan and Wolf)

If three is the case, then I applaude Mike Sherman for his realization about the hughness of the GM/HC job (even if he wasn't given any options). The most important thing about #3 is that he realized he made a flawed decision about one of his friends and has the guts to change the situation in favor of the team, not personal feelings. If he can do that with the offense, I see no reason why he won't do it with the Defense at the end of the season. And if he does then the question becomes who will be our new DC. And more importantly who will be the new GM?

Again, this is all speculation on my part based on the Packers.com article, but you have to wonder what Harlan and Sherman talked about in their weekly get together recently?

We can only hope!

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