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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

These days of the Draft...

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

A lot of mocks are coming out and with it they have a lot of Juniors mixed in the draft order.

If all the Juniors come out that are being listed there would be a total of 25 Juniors and 7 Seniors in round 1.

People that is just not going to happen.

Some of these guys have already stated their intentions to stay in school and yet we see them listed on these mocks.

That is why I just do not talk about Juniors at this time of the year and really do not like to list them.

Alas I relented and in my top 136 I listed some Juniors. Those I listed are those that have given hints that they are considering coming out early.

It is easy to learn these players as all you have to do is talk with the SID's at their schools or watch local news reports on them. For example A J Hawk is a guy I am listing because of a few reports that he is considering coming out early.

So when or if you read my material that LMG puts on this site and you see me not talking or mentioning the Juniors that much do not discount it that much.

I know about them but I prefer to deal with the Seniors at this juncture. There will be almost 3 months of time to talk about the Juniors come late January after they declare for the draft.

Currently I am working on the top 12 or so players ranking and will work down from there as far as the Packers are concerned.

Right now we do not know where they will be drafting as they could finish anywhere from 11 to 32 depending on what they do the rest of the season.

I know the thinking is all about Erasmus James but in reality if he continues to impress he will go before the Packers even select. I just do not see him being there at 12 or 13 or 14. DE's are prime candidates and will go off the board quickly leaving recevers and LB's and CB's while disappeaaring quickly off the draft board.

We are more likely to have a chance for one of the Cody's (either Shaun or Dan) over a James or even Spears.

But I am not so sure that DE should even be considered in round 1 but then again that is just my thinking. The best player and best athlete on the board just might be Juniior Heath Miller TE or Kirk Morrison LB or even Elton Brown OG (a really good player) or even WR Clayton or Edwards

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