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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Team of Shermans

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

Taking A Look at the influx of players since Mike Sherman became head coach of the Green Bay Packers and his tenure as GM. The year of 2000 was Ron Wolf granted but anyone who believes that Ron Wolf did not get input from Mike Sherman in 2000 then I have some land here in Texas that I will sell you real cheap (right beside the city dump)- seriously we own 6 acres of land next door to the dump. We owned it before the city moved the city dump there. Ahman Green and Chad Clifton were two of Sherman's input that first season. Also was informed that Gary Berry was a player Sherman watched closely and visited with before the draft for Ron Wolf.

Does not matter Mike Sherman had these players in his rookie season.

Gone from the team that he inherited: versus new players

(those in bold represent the beter player)

1999 Ray Rhodes Team versus Mike Sherman’s Team Developed

QB Matt Hasselbeck now have Craig Nall and J T O;Sullivan

FB---------------------------now have Nick Luchey

RB Dorsey Levens------now have Ahman Green

RB Basil Mitchell ------now have Najeh Davenport

RB Demond Parker------now have Tony Fisher

WR Antonio Freeman ---now have Javon Walker

WR Billy Schroeder-----now have Robert Ferguson

WR Janine Arnold ------no replacement

WR Corey Bradford----- now have Antonio Chatman

WR Charles Jordan------ no replacement

TE Mark Chmura---------now have Bubba Franks

TE Tyrone Davis---------now have Ben Steele

TE Lamont Hall----------now have David Martin

OG Joe Andruzzi---------now have Scott Morley

OG Raleigh McKenzie---now have Grey Ruegamer

OG Craig Heimburger---now have Brad Bedell

OT Earl Dotson ----------now have Mark Tauscher

OT Scott Curry-----------now have Chad Clifton

------------------------------now have Kevin Barry

------------------------------now have Scott Wells

RET. Desmond Howard- guess you say we have Chatman

DE Vonnie Holliday -----now have Aaron Kampman

DE Vaughn Parker-------now have R Kal Truluck

DE Roy Barker-----------now have Kenny Peterson

DE Keith McKenzie-----now have KGB

DT Santana Dotson------now have Corey Williams

DT Gilbert Brown--------now have Grady Jackson

DT Billy Lyons-----------now have James Lee

DT Anthony Dingle------now have Cullen Jenkins

LB Anthony Davis------now have Nick Rogers

LB Kivu Mays-----------now have Torrance Marshall

LB Jim Nelson-----------now have Hannibal Navies

LB Bernardo Harris------now have Nick Barnett

LB George Koonce------now have Na’il Diggs

S LeRoy Butler-----------now have Sharper in his place

S Antuan Edwards-------now have Mark Roman

S Scott McGarrahan-----now have Bhaoh Jue

S Rodney Artmore-------now have James Whitley

CB Mike Mckenzie------now have Michale Hawthorne

CB Todd McBride-------now have Al Harris

CB Keith Crawford------now have Ahmad Carroll

CB Tyrone Bell-----------now have Joey Thomas

CB--------------------------now have Jason Horton

P Louis Aguilar-----------now have B J Sander

P Chris Hanson------------now have Bryan Barker

Players hold over:

QB Brett Favre

QB Doug Pederson

FB William Henderson

WR Donald Driver

C Mike Flanagan

OG Marco Rivera

OG Mke Wahle

DT Cletidus Hunt

S Darren Sharper

K Ryan Longwell

LS Rob Davis

Now taking a look at the players the Packers lost:

Matt Hasselbeck: a mistake you might say buit this guy was not going to stick around and wait on Brett - we made a trade and got something for him even though that something bombed in Jamal Reynolds

Dorsey Levens: replaced with Ahman Green - I take that trade off

Antonio Freeman: age and hands finally got to Freeman and we replaced him with Javon Walker

Billy Schroeder: replaced with Robert Ferguson - no stretch at all that Fergy is the better guy

Mark Chmura: his sex cravings got him out of football Bubba is not as bad as depicted

Earl Dotson: yes he is better than Tauscher but age and injury finally got to Earl. Mark is not a bad RT

Desmond Howard : much better than Chatman - so far Sherman has not upgraded or made a comparable switch

Vonnie Holliday: better than Kampman but the guy Sherman counted on Joe Johnson got hurt and ruined this move

Bernardo Harris: I take Nick Barnett any day

George koonce: Na'il Diggs is better and an upgrade

Mike McKenzie: darn straight he is better than Hawthorne but McKenzie wanted out no matter how mch Sherman wanted this guy

Tod McBride: I take AL Harris any day

Jim Nelson: Hannibal navies is defintely better.

Huge disappointments for Mike SHerman:

Jamal Reynolds DE (round 1)

Marques Anderson FS (round 3)

Gary Berry SS (injury ruined his career) (round 4)

Joe Johnson DE (Free Agency - injury stopped him from being a factor)

Torrance Marshall LB (round 3)

Steve Warren NT (round 3)

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