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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Objective Look At End Of Season

by LosAngelis
for PackerChatters

I'm really putting some thought into what should be done with the HC/GM job this year (as is LMG, as evidenced by his poll...). I've always tried to stay middle ground on Sherman's role, and I just want to start, hopefully, an intelligent discussion on it. If you can't post intelligently, don't reply.

First of all, I've been one of Sherman's tenative defenders at times. While I have chastised him for some of his draft moves, and have criticized his gametime adjustments, one of my statements I have stated over and over is "who could we bring in that would be a solid improvement?".

People, of course, shout out names like Bellichik and Parcells, but these guys aren't available.

There's a bit of that "we're losing so we can solve the problem by getting rid of people" mentality starting to creep in. We can see it already with the questioning of Favre, Sharper, and Sherman...people who get the mantle of leadership placed squarely on their shoulders.

I've never been a buyer of what that theory sells. It always reminds me of sitting in the stands in the early 90's when some drunk next to me is shouting "Take out Favre, put in Detmer!". Just because you take out the starter and replace him with the guy who is a backup is no guarantee he will be an improvement.

I'm a stronger believer in the philosophy that Ron Wolf had when he came in to the Packers. The message was loud and clear to the players..."You are only here as long as it takes for us to find someone better to do your job." And face it, nearly every player from Infante's team was turned over by the time they made it to the Super Bowl.

Obviously, parity, salary caps, signing bonuses, and free agency have made following this credo a lot harder in today's NFL.

But, I say that this credo CAN take take place with Mike Sherman.

I am not calling for his head, or looking for him to be made the scapegoat of a team that isn't able to add 2+2 right now.

But, imagine if at the end of this season, Steve Mariucci was released from the 49ers instead of a couple years ago. Wouldn't Mooch suddenly look like a positive step stepping in as HC this year? He didn't look that good at the time he was released, because the Packers were more successful at the time.

Mariucci is just an example, so please don't make this a "Mariucci Sucks" war. My point is that Bob Harlan needs to let Sherman know that if a coach becomes available that would be an improvement, there's the possibility we may go that way. If there is a great front office guy (or gal, Patty) and good judge of talent who can step into the GM role and show some improvement there, the possibility should be open.

My point is, I don't think we should fire Sherman for the sake of firing him, in either position.

But, if someone comes available for either of his positions that is a quality guy, we should be open to that. Otherwise, firing Sherman for a similar level of production is pretty stupid. And, I don't think we need another Ray Rhodes to come in here at this point, which would be a step down.

Personally, I wish salary caps and such rules would make that approach just as viable nowadays with the players, but Jamal Reynolds is a great example that it simply isn't going to work as well anymore. Players can sit on the bench or fake a hamstring injury and the team is often the one that is tied up in dealing with it properly.

But the accountability should be on the coaching staff, just as Sherman made Donatell accountable for the defensive gaffe last year. If we can a chance to bring in a highly talented coach/GM/both (I just keeping thinking of Holmgren/Wolf in 92), then I think we should take it.

It's not a cut on Sherman, though. We all know that all coaches have a limited lifespan with a team, otherwise Jimmy Johnson and George Siefert would still be coaching. Someday, Sherman will no longer be with the team at all. Let's just choose the best time to make such a change instead of instantly calling for his head.

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