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Thursday, October 14, 2004

A lot more simple...

by sarahfar
for PackerChatters

than you people are making it. It comes down to character and players making plays.

First the problem is not Favre. The problem is not Green. The problem is people and some poor decisions about people.

The greatest problem for this organization is on both lines. The OL has not gotten on any consistent basis to the second level and has in no way at anytime been dominant. Let's be honest and quit bull sh...... each other. Mark Tauscher is a lazy fat slob, it's that simple. He has shown he has a mouth but despite the rhetoric not the pride of high paid tackle. Rivera is playing on heart. The biggest difficulty is that a guy with unlimited talent, but very limited ethic who happens to play LT was rewarded with an incredible contract. He is very fine as a pass blocker and lousy in the run game. So what does he do. What he has done for 4 years. Show he has no clue and is lazy. And it all translates to another premadonna who is very athletic, but upset that he isn't as valued as two lazy asses that he percieves to be Sherman's pets. Pretty simple, they are too concerned with themselves and their own little pecking order to take their abilities in hand and whip some butt. Translates like this. They are more concerned about their reps and image as well as what they are paid, than doing what is necessary to make themselves better players and winning. They are more concerned about $ than about production. TOO DAMN MUCH MONEY TO PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T APPRECIATE IT AND WEREN'T WILLING TO REPAY IT WITH HARD WORK. Simply put it is why NE wins with lesser reps, who are paid less, but take their production more seriously than what they are paid. It's about winning and if you want ot run the ball it's about getting to the 2nd level, they aren't doing that, and I don't know that they will. Tell me why as Chad Clifton already has his 11M and collects his checks, they light wil go off please?

On defense, it's also about the line of scrimmage. Some of the stuff on this board is dumbfounding. It isn't Slowik and it sure as hell isn't Barnett or Diggs, what the hell are some of you thinking and watching. There is no first level. They simply run over Hunt and whoever they line up against him and KGB, the 37m KGB is either on his ass or chase dog. He's a LB size guy that can't hold his ground and often they are forced to pair him with another dl of similar size. The just can't protect Barnett or wouldn't any other LB. Add to it they wanted to use Sharper at the LB/Line of scrimmage and Sharper has spit out the bit like no player in any sport. Again Sharper and Hunt are more involved with the rap and rep and bud Leon than they are about winning. But why should this surprise anyone? There is no 1st level, and often overun no second. It's about winning the battle up front. They can't win that battle to stop the run and they sure as hell can't rush the passer and haven't for 3 years. While it is understandable that they would have trouble with Jackson out, it isn't understandable that they would have so much contiued trouble with a pass rush. In the end, there are present excuses, but this dl will likely be the end of Sherman. Right now the Gb packers need 3 impact DL. They are short at the nose, short at 3 tech and short at power end. Let's be honest they really need 4 they are short an every down elephant. That's pretty damn bad and there is very little way around it. If they could get Jackson healthy and if they could get what they thought they had in Hunt, maybe they could cover up some of it with what Slowik started out to do. But the line is not close to what it is paid. Again there is zero correlation between what people are paid and their production. And there is no ability to win the battle at the line let alone be dominant. They are paid on both lines to dominate.

So we are left with the chicken and the egg argument as to who is to blame. Sherman is likely to get fried and we'll see if it is deserved. I think he is and has been wrong in his stubborn general refusal to play and get young players over his tenure on the field- a veteran Hawthorne is better than a yound Carroll and his mistakes are more tolerable than Carroll's. It is that red-shirt philosophy always seeing the old perfect college sesason that doesn't recognize the true nature of the pro game and the accompanying sense of urgency. Sherman has been too loyal to his coaches, at times to conservative and maybe hasn't communicated enough. But to me the damning problems is the money he has paid Tauscher, Clifton, Hunt and KGB. None have proven impact players. None have proven that they would take it to the next level and earn the money. Sherman was willing to gamble and project greatness, but was willing to accept sh t and the accompanying jealousy from fellow players who viewed what some of these limited or loafing fellow players got and weren't sure they'd get it or weren't willing to wait. Sides inevitablely were chosen and Leon is just a symptom not a isolated incident as what we see on the field continues.

Don't read in that I think Sherman should go, I don't. I think he deserves the year. I don't think Harlan does. Bob is a nice guy and some of your friends. He isn't stupid, which makes it all the worse. Bob did this when he piled it all on Mike Sherman. He had a responsibilty to make sure they got production for what they signed. Kraft does in NE, why should we demand less of Bob Harlan. He knows how to judge value and as far as I can see he basically lets Brandt and Sherman do whatever the hell they want without a sentence of input. Production has to equal rewards and pay if you want to succeed that's why NE rotates out talent into the market when the ratio doesn't work. And folks that is exactly why we sit at 1-4 and why both sides of the line are a mess. What's wrong is Lombardi's ghost isn't there and Harlan is just as culpable as any player or Sherman and I don't give a hoot about his rep or his crap. The moment he fires Sherman, I just want him to know at least one person gets it. Just as Sherman likely fired Donatell as a sacfricial lamb because people rarely fire themselves, so to will Bob Harlan be sacrificing Sherman for his own short comings. I don't know if Sherman needs to go, I think he deseves the year. I know this for certain though, Bob Harlan should retire for the debacle of overpaid players that this regime has built up.

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