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Saturday, October 23, 2004


by sarahfar
for PackerChatters

The Detroit game brought us a reprieve for a week, but did we learn anything. I know I did. I learned last weeks MVP on defense was Joey Harrington. I learned despite the rhetoric, the OL was spotty. The technique by some of our star players was sloppy and if you watch careful there was still a lot of straight up ol and leverage as well as blocks were still sloppy and lazy. I learned increasingly that Green has a problem whether the achilles or the knee. I learned that when a rookie kicks for 32 yds net it is the end of the world and when Barker has a 29 yard net in a perfect conditions it is acceptable. I learned that Sherman was right to send a message with the release of Whitley, but you can't release the entire coverage team.

So, maybe there remains a lot to fix. A lot has been argued about who or what is to blame, in my view it is team character. It starts with how you evaluate yourself as a team. Dallas is the best test in years. They have a hell of a coach who is a hall of fame guy. They have holes and are nicked up. But they match up well against our weaknesses. Parcells will likely have them ready to play and ready to win. He will unlike Mooch, attack our weaknesses and plan to win however possible. People have spent a lot of time discussing Favre and Green. They deserve that as does the OL and most assuredly ST. But I really think tommorrow comes down to coaching and character. Dallas will come to play and will play solid ST and physical football. If the Packers don't come to play, especially KGB, Sharper and Hunt on defense, while people will cuss Favre, Green, and Sherman character will again prove this team's downfall.

If both teams bring their A game tommorrow, for the first time in a longtime, I honestly can say we might lose. The difference is character. As much as any coaching decision, the centerpiece of that defense as KGB, Hunt and Sharper has come up big in terms of missing character. I'm not talking about leading the United Way or being an priest, I'm talking about the will to win, and anyway you cut it or slice it, these guys are lacking. Tommorrow is their chance to prove they have Lombardi character for winning. 0-4 at home to start any season is completely unacceptable.

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