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Saturday, October 16, 2004

All is not lost!!

by Torkelson
for PackerChatters

This season has certainly been disappointing. We are 1-4. Uggh. We have endured a public flogging and havent won at home. People are calling for the coaches head and rightfully so. We probably have dug oursleves a hole too deep to get out of. Just keep something in mind.

The Packers are a cornered animal right now. In fact I will go so far as to say I am positive they will beat the Lions this week. No doubt in my mind. This team will go to Detriot and physically abuse Detroit. I'm sure of it. This of course will leave everyone even more confused. Then they will come home and beat Dallas. After that momentum will begin to return and our injury status will determine the rest. Just my bold prediction guys.

This is basically the same team as last year. It is possible that we could still get back in the hunt. But that is hard to envision right now. Whatever the reasons of our dismal performances we still have alot of talent. Now if somehow we beat Washington before the bye we would be 4-4 going into MN. Can we beat the Vikings if we heal and get the momentum back? Sure we could, this is the NFL. Anything can happen. Everyone was saying that last week was a must win game. In reality it's this week. Coaches and players jobs are on the line this week. Lose this week and the shit storm will effectively end this teams season.

Now no matter what happens I want to see big changes in GB this offseason. There is no excuse for what we've seen this year. Zero. But the season isn't over and Brett & Co. will pick themselves up off the ground. So expect a little relief comming soon. Now everyone can rip into to this post and say I'm all wet and we might not win again this year, thats fine. But I'm just trying to tell you guys I see it comming. It fits this teams profile. Just like last season. When all seems lost they will wake up if only long enough to frustrate everyone and have everyone asking WHY?

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