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Friday, September 03, 2004

Why I like Scott McBrien

by Patty R.
PackerChatters Staff

I am on the record as thinking Scott McBrien has been the 2nd best QB in camp and this includes Doug Pederson.

I think this guy is a natural leader and he carries himself as an accomnplished QB - His size does effect somewhat my thinking and I would like for him to be taller and better built, but the other day I saw him and Brett stand beside each other and despite Favre looking huge standing beside each other Brett was not that much taller than Scott. It appeared to be about mabe 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch difference between the two. Brett though looks like a bull beside McBrien.

But here is why I like McBrien - he played quite well for a major college and led his team to victory. Here are some interesting stats that this guy has put up in college and high school:

First his high school performance:
• A three-year letter winner in football, led team to a 13-0 season and a No. 13 national ranking by USA Today in 1999, when he completed 90 of 131 passes for 1,878 yards and 25 touchdowns without throwing a single interception.

Now his college record his Junior and Senior Season:
• Completed 173 of 314 passes for 2,672 yards with 19 TDs and six INTs in 12 games as a senior.
• Also ran for 375 yards and six touchdowns on 82 carries.
• Threw for a career-high 381 yards and three TDs to earn the Gator Bowl's 'MVP' award as the Terrapins defeated West Virginia, 41-7, on New Year's Day 2004.
• Started all 12 games as a junior and completed 162 of 284 passes for 2,497 yards with 15 TDs and 10 INTs.

He did this not at a small school but at Maryland who played a tough schedule.

He beat both Virginia (Matt Schaub) and N C State (Philip Rivers) and led the Maryland team to a 10 win season last year and a victory in the Gator Bowl.

He throws a good pass and his passes are thrown with authority. He can throw all 5 passes required of a major league QB and has good touch on the ball. An interesting situation is that he was among the leaders in the NCAA last year in fewest passe knocked down at the line of scrimmage despite his "shortness".

He has a 34 to 16 ratio of TD's t INT's.

He is athletic and does roll out quite well.

I personally think he is a better prospect than any QB we have had in here in some time. With maybe the exception of Hasselbach. I would rate him a better prospect than Mark Brunell and believe he has more to offer than Craig Nall. I also like him better than Henry Burris whom we had as our #3 QB one season.

Do I believe he could be a full time starter in the NFL? I don't know. I think he might be that good (remember I said a better prospect than Brunell not a better player).

At the worse he becomes a better Ty Detmer and a solid back up QB for many years.

I am not deterred at all by the fact that he was a rookie FA - that happened because the NFL has become so infactuated with numbers and pass on players every year who go on to become solid players.

I would hope we could add about 12 pounds on this guy and develop a basic package around him. He has almost everything you could want in a leader. Now we have to develop some faith in him.

I do not believe we have just another good college player but a pro player on our hands. I think we have a NFL player in camp.

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