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Monday, September 06, 2004

My take on the cuts and trades

by Torkelson
for PackerChatters

OL: I was dissapointed we let go of Wells. I doubt he will clear waivers but if he does he's a definite PS candidate. Too bad he hurt his elbow. He was looking good. Maybe he can't pass a physical and Sherman knows this so he took his chances. He will have a career with somone IMO. Reugamer looked pretty good instead of Flanny. Wahle is irreplaceable right now and our run game lives and dies with him. Clifton and Tausch looked like they were going half assed in preseason. Rivera is always the same. Very good. I hope these guys get an early start.

QB: They kept Nall as the #3 but I think they are scanning the waiver wire closely. I like Van Pelt from what I saw of him against the cards. There's got to be better options than what we have. Sure do wish we would have taken Schaub..he looks very good in Atlanta. I never really liked Couch so I wasn't completely suprised by how bad he looked but he was definitely worse than I expected. Good move to cut ties now.

LBers: They kept Harrison over Josue probably because of his special teams play. I liked Josue alot but Harrison gives them a little more security as he has started before. Overall I like our LBers this season. Barnett is a star in the making.

4 WR's: They are obviously looking for a returner here and had to go light because of the punting situation. Swinton comes to mind as does Zuriel Smith. Another guy I wouldn't mind them looking at is Sloan Thomas. Big and fast, played with Roy Williams in Texas, don't know if he can do returns but he's a nice prospect. Fergy looks like he will breakout this season, Walker is dripping with talent and Driver will be productive as always. The one thing I notice with these guys is they don't drop passes too often ala Billy and Freeman. Great young corp.

DL: Wow they really went young. Wasn't ever really excited about Holmes so I didnt expect big things from him. Larry Smith was a little of a suprise to me but he got hurt at the wrong time I guess. Rodgers had a good preseason but must not have shown much in camp. Corey Williams was a steal in the late rounds and should help. James Lee was a nice suprise too. Young fresh legs in the rotation. We needed some new blood here bad. K-Ral.... Don't know alot about him but if he can edge rush opposite KGB it will show alot. O-gun fed off of Taylor the same way. I like our D-line this year. We cut some solid guys...can't keep 'em all.

DB's: I'm really excited about Roman! I think he's going to break out in this defense opposite Sharper, I read a poster named Patty on this site brag him up early, good call, he suprised me alot, was ho-hum when we signed him. Smart physical player who can cover alot of space. Great signing. Carrol and Thomas both impress me. The media and some fans seem to be sweating the thought of Carrol starting. I think it will be fine. Carrol is going to be a good corner and it might happen early for him. If not he's definitely in the nickel. He's a good tackler and mixes it up, not to mention the guy can really run and has great hips. Thomas is fast and fluid, reminds me a little of Tim Lewis. Wish he was more physical though, he needs to learn to bring it a little, plays the ball really well though. I think our defense is going to really suprise some people early. Mike McKenzie..... his season is close to being over IMO. If he came back tommorrow he wouldn't play for a couple weeks, by that time I really think this defense will have adjusted and won't have a starting spot for him. Seriously I think Carroll will be better than McKenzie was. Now if there is an injury it all changes but if there isn't we will do just fine. Al Harris looked good this preseason. Don't get me wrong, if MM reported tommorrow I'd be happy to have him but I'm not holding my breath.

ST: Uggghh! Punter situation is hoggin space! Hense cutting Wells. I don't like Chatman. Davis only long snaps, Pederson is our only good holder. All undesireable! This is one area I'm unhappy with Sherman about. Lets hope this is Sherman's next area of focus. Special teams are 1/3 of your win/loss record at the end of the year. We need to adress it pronto. One positive is the coverage units look solid. As does Longwell as always.

RB's: Do we trade Davenport? NO! Green is a great back and has been incredibly durable so far. But he also has fairly bad asthma. He needs to be subbed frequently. We need Najeh this year if we want to make a run at the superbowl. Suprised we kept Leach. This signals Henderson or Luchey could be on the block (probably Luchey). Either way Sherman is positioning himself for the coming cap restraints of next season. Leach can play and comes cheap, he might replace one or the other sooner than later. Green is set to tear apart the league, he gets better every season, Tomlinson is the only back in the league I would trade him for, Green is awesome. Future HOF if he keeps it up. Fish and Poop are as good as it gets at 2 & 3 (Vikings fans would argue).

So what does this equate to as far as or record this year? Who knows. But I like everything about this team except for the ST's. An attacking young and fast defense. The greatest QB of all times with up and comming wide outs. And an offense that can run the ball down opposing teams throats!!!! I really like that part! And the greatest fans in any sport, in any city, in the world.

I'm ready.

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