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Thursday, September 09, 2004

I think we have a pretty decent practice squad.

by Patty R.
PackerChatters Staff

WR: Kelvin Kight and Andrae Thurman:

We have two interesting receivers/ returners to develop. I know some of you think Kight is a stiff but he is a pretty decent college player with some skills. Thurman to me appears to be exactly what the Packers need for their return game and as a #4or 5 receiver. Now we just have to obtain confidence in him and work with him.

OL: Scott Wells and Atlas Herrion:

Again two interesting prospects. Wells is a favorite of many on this board and for good reason. Some think he should not have been released. Herrion is a strong dude from Alabama

QB: Scott McBrien:

I have already posted my feeling on this kid and I believe he is a very talented QB with solid leadership skills despite the silliness shown by a few on this board in an attempt to deride and mock. An eventual #2 type of QB

S: Julius Curry:

Has enough talent for the Packers to want to see more of him. Evidently they like his ability to play some in the slot. Also some return skills as well.

FB: Vonta Leach:

A player who did a lot with very little to show in the stats department. A good player with good hustle. Could develop into a good FB depth player for next year.

TE: Ben Steele:

Might become the teams #3 TE next season. Been told he has good hands and a feel for the receiving game.

I am sure we will see a rotation of players in and out on this squad. But for an initial 8 player squad I think we filled it quite nicely.

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