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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Final positonal battles

by Luke R.
for PackerChatters

Since nothing's still happening with the MM situation, and I can't keep reading all the second-guessing about drafting Sander instead of Matt Schaub, let's rehash another old topic.

By the way, Schaub may very well be the Second Coming of Montana, Favre and Unitas all rolled into one, but when you ride the pine behind Michael "Messiah" Vick (barring an injury of the aforementioned Mr. Glass), you're not gonna get much of a chance to make the highlight reel. Unless Schaub can figure out how to spin a clipboard on the tip of his finger Harlem Globetrotter-style.

Wanna hash out some more final positonal battles, seeing as how there are too many guys fighting for perhaps a half-dozen spots on the final roster?

#5 WR - Vines vs. Ford. As far as I see it, Vines has to pull this one out over Ford. We need height, and a posession reciever seems more essential to the WCO than a speedy smurf (already have that covered in Chatman).

#3 QB - Nall vs. Couch. Been rehashed too many, many times. I'd choose Nall, simply because he's younger, has shown a better arm in practice, has more time invested in our WCO, hasn't had the string of failures associated with playing behind a cheesecloth OL, can be resigned for longer and for cheaper, and lacks the chip of "I could be starting for someone right now" on his shoulder. Jeez, more plusses than even I thought, and I don't even like Nall. I don't think Couch could start for an Arena League team right now. McBrien wasn't even considered, seeing as how he'll be easily hidden on PS for a year.

#2 and #3 TE - Martin vs. Bush vs. Donald. I still don't know why Martin's still drawing breath on this roster. He has great physical skills, but to still show the lack of initiative to step it up and produce makes me ill. Bush is versatile, but I wish they'd get him more comfortable with Bidwell and Sander long snapping. Get rid of Davis for good. Donald shows promise, and at least a willingness to compete. Martin seems to have been coasting along on physical skills for far too long. I'd keep Bush as #2, Donald as #3 and take my chances that Martin might not be the next Kellen Winslow after his release.

DB's - Cast of thousands. Obviously, the nitty gritty of Harris, Hawthorne, Thomas, Carroll, Roman and Sharper form the base. Those fighting it out for the final 3 or 4 spots are a little tougher. I'd like to keep Watson and Horton, the former because he's quick and can help out on ST and KR, the latter because I think he has real talent, and someone else will scoop him if he's dropped. I hate to say it, but Anderson will have to stick around too, and Fuller, simply because we'll need some bodies to drop if MM pulls his dreads out of his posterior and comes to his senses. Bye, bye, Bwahoh. I'd say I was sorry to see you go, but I'd be lying.

Vonta Leach. Can he stick anywhere on the squad? I just like his style, attitude and heart. Plus, I'd think he'd get scooped by another team if we tried to hide him on the PS.

PS - Woodson agreed to a one-year deal tonight with the Raiders. I believe he's the last big-name holdout, since McAllister, Peterson, and O-Gun are all on rosters now. Writing's on the wall, Mikey. Most teams look at a holdout like this not as a moral choice, but as a foreboding of holdouts to come if you decide your new FA deal is a little too low. Besides, how much fun can retirement really be? One can only play so much golf, shuffleboard, and eat at early bird dinner specials.

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