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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Something not right...

by Patty
PackerChatters Staff

I finally got the opportunity to talk with my friend who has been watching the Packers practice.

In detail we talked about some things concerning the showings of a couple of players

Tim Couch in detail. It seems that he is not even hitting on simple pass plays that he can throw in is sleep. Pass plays in practice that mirrored what he did in college and even with Cleveland Browns he is messing up.

What is the problem? Is it his arm? I asked Dave and he only shrugged his head in an alarming way. I asked him if it appeared that Couch was pushing the ball - or aiming it instead of just throwing the ball and he said no. Tim Couch is just flat out looking like a player who does not care anymore.

This really is a concern with me because I have been an ardent supporter of Tim Couch and completely believed that he would come to camp and WOW everyone with his crisp passing and pinpoint accuracy. I mean even last season Tim Couch could throw a pass with the exactness of a surgeon with solid velocity on it as well/

So what has happened since the end of last season? Is Tim Couch a stiff as some on this board would have you believe? Hell no he is not. Tim Couch has as much talent as any QB I have seen in some time. He had an above average arm in terms of velocity and crispness. He had a good arm as for accuracy. He also was an above average smart QB as well. So again what has happened?

I really believe the poster on another thread hit it squarely on the peg. Tim Couch has lost his heart. He does not want it!!!! I mean passes that this guy could throw in his sleep are falling short of the receivers in practice and in the games I have watched. Passes that previously he was dead eye on are skipping short or are going over the heads of receivers.

Look anyone posting to this thread I do not want to hear any crap about Tim Couch not being good. I mean it. I do not want to get stuff about him being a stiff. Tim Couch was a quality player and a solid QB and very well worth bringing in.

But even I have to admit that there is something missing here and I believe it is Tim Couch does not want to be in Green Bay. I believe he really came here on the advice of agent and family but he himself resented the thought of coming to a place where he sits behind a star like Brett Favre.

I could buy a tired arm or I could even buy an injury if it was true but when you look at him throw pass after pass you see a guy who is just flat out not attempting to be impressive at all. I really believe Tim Couch wanted out of Cleveland so bad that he agreed to come to Green Bay just to get away. Even after the Browns released him his opportunities was tied to Green Bay. He almost had to come to Green Bay.

I may be wrong on this but I just have to believe that Tim Couch is just flat out going through the motions. I mean how do you explain some of the things that has been reported in the press and some of the futile attempts we have seen in two games> Passes and plays that Couch excelled at even last year he suddenly cannot do???

This is quickly becoming an experiment that should be wiped away. If Tim Couch does not show any more emotion and zeal this weekend I would not hesitate in releasing him next Tuesday.

Look my friend told me that Scott McBrien is basically in the same seat as Tim Couch and really screws up with some of the complicated routes but on the easy stuff that every QB throws on every team McBrien looks sharp and Tim Couch looks pathetic,. Something is not right and i believe it is all about heart.

My friend told me he has never seen a player try as hard as Tim Couch to get himself released. Simple 7 yard slants he is throwing them in the dirt or throwing them so over the heads of the receivers in practice. Simple stop and go routes that even i can throw Couch is screwing them up. Patterns that any QB and I would assume that many on this board could throw are going in different directions or missing by 5 yards. I mean come on missing by 5 yards??? Something is amiss and I believe it is a heart. The worse QB in the NFL does not miss on simple routes by 5 yards. I mean QB's who have no chance at all of ever playing QB in the NFL does not miss by 5 yards

That is 15 feet people.

Quick send Dorothy, the Tim man needs a heart!

Now on to B J Sanders. I have been told that Sanders is punting the ball very well in practice and hits on 3 out of 4 with long hang time.

Someone mentioned whether "could Sanders handle the pressure" and I dismissed it during the draft and again during the early scrimmage. But I have to say that maybe those posters were onto something. Is he just flat out snaking it when the lights are on??

Can he handle the duties? I mean from my friend and others who watch the practices this guy is placing his punts inside the 10 with regularity and deep punting the ball with outstanding hangtime with no chance for any return. I have been told that B J Sanders was a better punter than Andy Groom in practice at Ohio Sate but he could not do it come game time until his senior season.

The difference between Tim Couch and B J Sanders is that Sanders is doing it in camp and displays his talent but Couch is not able to do a darn thing at all in camp. I have been told that the coaches are pleased with Sanders in practice but are concerned about his game time jitters and brought in a veteran punter to "pressure" Sanders.

We will see

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