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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Packer Scrimmage Report

By Craig Doriot
August 7th, 2004

For PackerChatters

Sander - Like everyone else, I came away most disappointed with Sander's performance. I thought MS reached in the draft for him and he shanked his punts on the field. HOWEVER, he looked just AWESOME in warm-ups, and I'm not joking. He clearly outperformed Chapman and his warm-up punts were just booming straight up out of the stadium. He has the most arc I've seen on a punt in person and he was doing so very consistently (about 10-15 punts). The problem is in his delivery time.

Quarterbacks - Right now it’s pretty clear without Nall in lineup 1) Favre, 2) Pederson, 3) Nall as of last night, although Pederson never took a challenging throw either. I think only one QB got sacked last night, and it happened to Couch at least twice, if not 4 times.. I know they had a hand on him when he passed 2 or 3 that they didn’t call sacks...its tough to say if it would have been a sack. McBrien looked really short, don't know if he can see over his lineman or get the ball over them. Favre is in midseason form now.

Barnett-just dominant last night. Overall the linebackers went from poor to respectable as a unit in my book. Marshall looked decent.

Cornerbacks-as expected this unit absolutely stunk. The receivers had no problems getting open everywhere and anywhere. I still can't picture Harris starting this year.

Wide Receivers- the starting 3 looked fantastic. I expect this offense to be the best ever in Green Bay in my lifetime. Driver opened the game with an unbelievable bomb he caught leaping over and down another player's back. Walker looked really good.

Defensive Line-surprisingly decent. Williams, Hunt, and KGB all looked good. Run defense was surprisingly good vs. a good OL.

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