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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Jaguars Game Recap...Good and Bad!

by Faede
PackerChatters Staff

The Good!

1) Ahmad Carroll and Joey Thomas. Well. They certainly played well! The only time you heard their name was when Thomas had good coverage and got pushed off for pass interference. No penalties. No big plays. Carroll got hit in the head by a ball, probably should have played it... but.. it was blanket coverage at the time. Carroll got targetted a ton on 3rd down, he never let the receiver get a first. He wasn't thrown at a lot and didn't allow much. I really liked this alot...

3-12-JAC18 (14:37) (Shotgun) B.Leftwich pass to T.Edwards to JAX 21 for 3 yards (A.Carroll).

3-9-GB9 (9:45) (Shotgun) B.Leftwich pass to R.Williams pushed ob at GB 5 for 4 yards (A.Carroll).

3-5-JAC34 (4:2 (Shotgun) B.Leftwich pass incomplete to R.Williams (A.Carroll).

Thomas as well, played solid ball. Carroll gave a lot of hope last night though!

2) The #1 defense. Sure. We weren't facing Fred Taylor, but, wow. The #1 Defense gave up 10 rushes. 17 yards. In a half. 1.7y/c average. That's astounding. Included 4 or 5 stops for no gain. A jaguar fan friend of mine was at the game and commented to me on how good they looked. He said they were dominating the line of scrimmage on the inside.

I was impressed.

Even the pass defense was pretty damn good. Aside from one player (see below), the coverage was solid. Al Harris made some nice plays, including that one nice stick to seperate his man from the ball. Carroll got them off the field on 3rd down. KGB had a sack. Cledtius Hunt had a sack.

3) The #1 offense (production wise). Well... this is obviously going to make both my good and my bad. The offense itself worked. The rush offense was very effective. Ahman Green averaged 4.3 yards/carry and Fischer (behind the first string o-line) averaged 4.6y/c against the Jag's first string defense that was #1 in the NFL last year in y/attempt rushing. This without Flanagan and with Wahle starting his first game.

The passing offense was also solid. Favre had a 64% completion rate. Should have been more then that. (see below). The pass to Ferguson was a thing of beauty. He did get picked 2 times... one was his fault... one not.

Scoring is still becoming an issue, but, it's shooting themselves in the foot to kill drives that is doing it. The offense itself, when it only has 10 yards to get... seems to make first downs at will.

4) The terrible trio. James Lee. Cullen Jenkins. Kenny Peterson. Again, they played well. Lee even got some time in the first string spelling grady. I think that says a lot. They didn't play quite as good as last game and they had a couple of errors "finishing" plays.. but.. they are definately 3 guys who can push the interior pocket. I think the coaching staff is feeling more confident in them as well.

5) BJ Sander. I heard a lot of people giving him crap for last nights performance. Screw that! He finally had a good solid, consistant game. His average wasn't that great, it's his net that made me feel good. He had one punt that hit the end zone... and netted only like 20 yards... the other kicks were all nice high boomers. He doesn't kick 45 yard punts, but, he kicks 40 yarders with hang time. If the coverage would have gotten there in time to down that kick (which I think they should have), we're talking about a net punting average in the 38-40 yard range. That's net. If your net is that good, who cares about the gross!!

6) Antonio Chatman. Who'd have thought it would be chatman the WR that impresses rather then Chatman the PR. I got to see the play that was called back... it was pretty impressive. That's two weeks in a row where Chatman has done something as a 4th WR. I think the position is locked up pretty tight.


1) Michael Hawthorne. What can I say? The defense was great tonight... but when they needed a stop on third down, twice it was Hawthorne's coverage that let them get a first down. Including a 30 yarder. It was that way last week as well. Something has to change. I liked the fact that Ahmad Carroll got a series at the starting CB slot with the first team defense after halftime (A 3 and out against JAX first string). At this point, I think if McKenzie comes back... by week 1. Hawthorne will be the 4th or more likely 5th string CB. And that is looking less and less like a bad thing.

2) The scrubs. Wow. They are just bad. Nall. The 5+ receivers. The 3rd string LB's. The safeties. The O-Line. Ouch. I for one am glad we have to cut some people before next game. I never want to see these guys play in a packer uniform again. It's just awful to watch.

3) The return game. A caveat, Chris Hanson was unbelievable. Still. Something has to happen here. We can't punt return for crap. We can't kick return for crap. No blocking on the kick return. No running on the punt returns. I think this HAS to be a concern. Get out there and find someone. Chatman can stay as a receiver but he sure has to go as a punt returner.

4) Bubba Franks. Gosh, you know, he looks a lot better running and fighting for yards after the catch. But, he's had a fumble and a pass he should of caught that ended up an interception. I hate to bag on the guy because he's as blue collar as it gets and we take him for granted FAR too often... but.. he's got to knock that stuff off. That's two turnovers in two weeks that I put on him. I've no doubt he'll turn it around, but, it still scares me.

5) The worst.

Penalties. Drops. Int's.

Brett threw into coverage for a pick. Dumb.

Javon Walker dropped 2 passes, one a TD pass.

There were more penalties then should be possible by an offensive team.

It was atrocious.

Wahle had 2, Ruegamer had 2, Wells had 1. Illegal formations, jumping offsides.


And we're not even talking about the plays that they negated, just the penalty yardage. Heck, that nice 25 yarder to Chatman came back.

The Offense moved the ball well, but, you just can't overcome all the stupid mistakes.. dropped balls.. penalties.. Favre's int.

I'm glad it was the pre-season, because I'm sure that will be a focus now.. but.. this has GOT to stop!! On a positive note... not one penalty on the db's for holding or PI. That's a plus.


NO injuries. Ahman gave everyone a big scare. Thank God we're all good still.


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