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Friday, August 27, 2004

Do the Packers suck?

by Mark Lawrence
PackerChatters Staff

Perhaps I'm over-reacting, but it seems to me that there is a fair amount of negativity around this place, more than I think is justified. Examples: Sanders sucks, Sherman is an idiot for drafting him. Couch sucks, he should be shot, then tortured, then sent to Detroit. Carroll sucks, we're going to give up 780 yards passing per game. Pederson sucks, he can't throw a ball any further than my mama. Of course there's an element of truth to each of these, it's a question of emphasis, not fact.

So, here's my take. I think the Packers are definitely amoung the elite teams of the NFL, registered over the last few years. I think we're drafting, developing, coaching, and managing better than average. In fact, I'll be quite specific. Here's how I rank the NFL Front Office / Team combinations:

Top tier: New England.

Half step back: Green Bay, Kansas City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Tennesee.

Full step back: Denver, Carolina, Seattle, Indianapolis, St.Louis, Tampa Bay, Minnesota

Another step back: Oakland, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Miami, Buffalo, Dallas, New York Giants, New York Jets, Cincinatti, Washington, Pittsburgh, Atlanta

Bottom Feeders: San Diego, Arizona, Houston, Cleveland, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago

This ranking is not in terms of "who would beat who on any given day," but rather "if I could trade our front office and all our players for any other team, who would I want?"

My answer: I'm deeply impressed with the Patriots front office. There's no other front office who I think has a clear edge on the Packers. There's no team in the NFL that I think has talent superior to ours. There are a couple coaches who I think would be better in the 4th quarter than Sherman is, but none who I think are also better at getting the team ready to play on any given Sunday than Sherman is.

I think we have a class organization. I think there's at least 20 owners, maybe 25 who would jump at the chance to trade their entire organization straight up for the Packers.

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