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Friday, August 06, 2004

Camp Report 8-6-04

By Daryl Lutz
For PackerChatters.com


Another full house again today- I assume it has been the biggest crowd to date- many of which probably are in town for the Family Night. It was perfect weather again today- 70’s and all sun. Franks, Nall, Thomas, and Hawthorne were among those not practicing. Thomas was walking around, and didn’t seem to be limping at all, so that is a good sign.

Running Plays

KGB and Larry Smith got the defense started by getting a quick stop on Green. While this was going on, the wideouts and DBs were working on individual drills.

Bush got the offense moving by setting a good block to spring Fisher. He took Kampman out of the picture on the play. Diedrick tried to run off the left side, but Sharer quickly plugged the hole.

At the other end of the field, Driver Ferguson, and Walker were having some fun working on a touchdown celebration. They were taking turns spinning the ball in the end zone. The three seem very tight knit this year.

Back to the drill, Davenport took a toss, but Anderson wouldn’t let him have the corner. Bush again had a nice block on the play. Corey Williams and Marshall teamed up to stop a running back for a very short gain, which got them happy slaps on the helmet from Slowik as they subbed out.

Taylor bowled over Martin on next carry to keep the gain to a minimum. Jue, Lee, and Peterson converged in the backfield to stop Fisher. Barnett and Diggs teamed up on the next play to hit Diedrick near the line. Williams tried to run a trap on the left side of the line, but Barnett stopped him after a short gain.

At this time the offense and defense split into their respective units and headed to opposite ends of the field.

The officials were again at practice, and kept an eye on the Packer offense, who was starting work on their no-huddle drills. They were there to make sure everybody was set before the snap. The first two units looked crisp, but the 3rd string, led by McBrien, was slow to get set.

Team #1

This drill again had the most of the team working on running plays, while Favre and Pederson worked with some of the backup receivers on end zone routes. I started by watching the line, but when Carroll and the starters came down to work with the wideouts, I shifted my attention to them.

Barnett tried a blitz on the first running play, but Ruegamer denied it and opened up a good hole for Green to run though. Couch tried play action next, and hit Ferguson, who just got inside of Harris. Larry Smith got trough the line to stop green. Kampman and KGB held Green to another short gain on the next play. David Martin had a great downfield block to give Davenport a huge lane to run through.

Over at the DB/WR drills, Breeden made a very nice diving catch on a lackluster throw by Pederson. Wilson Thomas beat Carroll, which brought a couple of assistant coaches over to the rookie after the play. They talked for a minute or two giving advice and encouragement.

Sharper slipped on the next pass, and Chris Day got an easy grab. Vines tried a corner route, but Harris played it perfectly and the ball fell incomplete. Harris then gave the official, who was in the corner of the endzone, a high five for not calling interference. Shockmain Davis made a beautiful diving catch, but was ruled out of bounds.

Thomas, again matched up with Carroll, was flagged for offensive pass interference. Thomas pushed him after he did not bite on the double move- a move that was giving the rookie fits earlier this week in camp.

Breeden dropped a pass. Sharper picked off a Pederson pass after the quarterback had some miscommunication with Day. Vines made a tough catch as he out jumped Fuller.

The team moved to the five-yard line, making the room to work very small. Davis faked in, and went out to score a touchdown on Harris. Harris got back on track on the very next play, as he jammed Thomas at the line and then tipped the pass away. A pass for Breeden fell incomplete as Carroll took away Pederson’s passing lane.

Sharper got beat inside by Vines, who ran a flawless route to get open. Davis got into the end zone by scoring a touchdown on Carroll. Thomas gave the offense another score, as Taylor couldn’t make a play on a nice pass.

The only nice thing about Thomas and Hawthorne not being able to go today was that Carroll got plenty of extra reps.

Special Teams

Sander started the drill by booming two very high punts. Carl Ford fumbled the second attempt. Chapman shanked his first try, and had his second one blocked by an unidentified lineman. Chapman finally got a boomer off that sent Chatman backpedaling. His next kick again didn’t make it to the returner. One thing about all of his misses, they all went to the right. Chatman tried a return to end the drill, but ended up running right into the back of Josue, which left Sherman shaking his head.


After a quick team huddle in the middle of the field, the unit (including the officials) took part in a scrimmage.

Favre and the first unit started by handing it to Green, who gained four yards before being wrapped up by Smith and Barnett. On 2nd and 6, Favre found Green again, who lay down in the zone. It was good enough for a first down.

Green followed Rivera on the right side to pick up four yards. Davenport got the next carry, but was met by Diggs at the line, setting up a 3rd and 6. A false start on one of the lineman made it 3rd and 11. Sharper may have drawn the false start as he crept up to the line as if he were blitzing. Favre found Walker on the 3rd and long play, after Harris gave him too much cushion- 1st and 10.

The very next play, Favre again went to Walker, who gained twelve more yards. Barnett was again unsuccessful with a blitz, this time being picked up by Henderson. Just for reference, Carroll was the other starting CB opposite of Harris.

On first down, Davenport got the carry, but was stopped by Carroll after again of one. Favre’s next pass found Ferguson for a touchdown on a pretty looking slant. It appeared that Harris actually had him stopped at the 2 or 3, but the officials called it a TD anyway. Longwell’s extra point was good, and the ball went sailing into the crowd, making a great souvenir for somebody.

Pederson came into the drill and tried to hit Walker on his first attempt. Williams was dropping back into coverage, and got in the way, forcing an incompletion. Walker got another chance on the next play, and picked up a first down.

Fisher took a draw on 1st and 10 and picked up 4 yards before being stopped by Williams. Pederson tried to rollout to his right on the following play, but Marshall was there for the “sack” to make it 3rd and 14. Marshall gave the offense five back as he jumped offside on the following play.

With the offense starting to sputter, Pederson hurried to the line and found Chatman running all by himself down the sideline. He caught the 15 yard pass and raced the other 25 yards for a 40 yard score. I am not sure who blew coverage, but there was not a defensive back anywhere near Chatman as he caught the ball.

The last quarterback to take snaps was McBrien. He did a bootleg left and completed a pass to Ford for a gain of nine. A short gain by Diedrick gave the offense the first down.

Sam Breeden gave the offense another first down, as he made a strong grab with Carroll hanging on to his arms. Diedrick found a nice hole and ran for about four yards before Jue could stop him. McBrien tried to hit Thomas, but the ball fell incomplete largely because of pressure from Jenkins. McGuire tipped the 3rd and 6 pass and the field goal unit was forced to come on. Longwell’s field goal of 44 yards hit the crossbar and fell short.


The last drill I was able to stay (partially) for was the 7-on-7. Favre hit Martin for a short gain before Barnett closed on him. Walker worked Carroll over to get open and make the next catch. Driver made a catch over middle, as Carroll was just a split second away from being there to tip it away. Driver ran into Sharper on the play, and was knocked to the ground in a fairly loud collision, but everybody got up right away, with big smiles on their faces.

As Pederson was getting ready to enter the drill, I need to call it a day. I was planning on making Sunday’s camp, but mandatory overtime at work will keep me away. I’ll be at Family Night tomorrow, and then back to camp Monday. I’ll also try to take some pics for the board at both events.

Been a fun week- hope you all have enjoyed reading these as much as I have enjoyed doing them!

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