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Monday, August 30, 2004

Bold Predictions

by Mark Lawrence
PackerChatters Staff

1. Perhaps from game 1, certainly soon, Carroll will start, not Hawthorne. Carroll has a chance to be a good CB in a few games. Hawthorne is simply over the hill. When Hawthorne gives up big plays against Car and Indy, well, that's the best he has. When Carroll does it, he's learning and he'll improve.

2. Sander will start. He'll take a few games to settle in, and have a few stinko punts. Many will call for Sherman's head. Sander will wind up being just fine.

3. Couch will be #3. Nall will be gone. McBrian will be in the PS.

4. Our secondary will look like a sieve for much of the year. However, so will pretty much everyone else's. Passing yards per game and big plays are going to be way up this year. Our best strategy: pound the ball, keep the defense on the bench.

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