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Sunday, March 21, 2004

4 weeks from the most crucial draft of Sherman

By Patty
PackerChatters staff

Mike Sherman is at the crossroads! Either he will be recognized as a good GM or will be recognized as a wanna be GM is about to happen.

He has done much better with FA this year compared to last year with that miscommunication thing and the actual stonewalling of a couple of wanted FA's he lost. This year he added the 6th best5 DT and the 4th best FS in FA.

Mark Roman despite the stupid remarks by Pete Dougherty is a very good player. You have to look at the hidden value of a player to get a true picture of his worth. Mark Roman had a very solid completion against ratio for a FS. He also was credited with 6 coverage sacks and (either 17 or 21) QB differences. This is darn good. Many times a FS makes plays that are crucial to the outcome of a play where he does not get a seeable stat like and INT. But without his assistance the play would have been made or a TD happens. Mark Roman is a darn good player. He has good instincts and very good range. He can tackle and he can hit a player hard. He has good lateral slide and is quick to assist the corner.

We are going to witness how a FS should play this season and wonder why it took so long to get a player at that position.

Larry Smith still has the skills to be a very good player. Maybe not a star but a solid player. This was a good resign.

NOW FOR THE DRAFT: Mike Sherman needs to hit on more than 1 bona-fide player and a maybe 2nd. This draft he needs a minimum of 3 and more he needs 4 hits;

that is why I am advocating a trade down this draft. Usually I am so so on trade downs but this draft is shaping up as perfect for a trade down to say 32 to 34 area of the draft.

The players that fit Green Bay will be there in this area:
Batman Carroll CB
Derrick Strait CB (may fall this far)
Ben Watson TE
John P Losman QB (man I hope not)

This will also allow the packers to draft a different player with pick 56 as well

It will also give the Packers another day 1 selection as well.

With good fortune the packers could trade down and come away with this:
Batman Carroll CB
Rod Davis LB
Matt Schaub QB
Bo Schobel DE
Brian Rimpf T/G
Kris Wilson TE

This is just one scenario - there are other players who could fit in as well.

Batman Carroll immediately moves Hawthorne to #4 CB and will get playing time

Rod Davis is better than Hannibal Navies right now and will only get better as he learns the system and adjusts to the speed of the NFL.

Matt Schaub while not as highly recognized as J P Losman he is probably more suited to what Sherman wants from his QB. Schaub has good range downfield up to 50 yards (accurate) and how many time do you expect the Qb to throw it more than 50 yards. And 50 yards is enough to keep defenses worried. Give me smarts and leadership of Schaub

Schobel is a solid DE with no closing burst and no sustained speed. But he gives solid effort and is very smart heady player. With about 8 pounds of muscle added he will make an excellent power DE. He is more athletic and more skilled than Kampmann or Larry Smith. We are talking round 3 and not a round 1 DE here.

Brian Rimpf is technically sound player with power and push. I like Rimpf more than most and I feel this guy is the real deal among many over rated OL in this draft

Kris Wilson TE - a player that was not used correctly in college. This player has good hands and runs as smooth as any receiver. Knows how to work open and has deep depth as well. But he was used as a blocker mostly and he does a good fundamentally good job blocking but it is his receiving skills that have me interested. He has the speed and the smarts to be a problem for defense down the middle zone seam.

Whatever combination Mike Sherman comes up with he needs to come up with a B+ or better draft.

I just gave 1 example of what i would consider a good draft. There are enough players for 4 or 5 different combinations.

What we do not need is to throw the draft away on 1 player or we do not need a speculative draft filled with 3 or 4 high ceiling but not yet developed players as well.

Mike Sherman needs to fill this draft with solid football players who have produced and still have an upside to them.

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