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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Brett is still Brett!

By Jack Zurawik
PackerChatters Staff

I reviewed some old tapes the other night, including the first Brett Favre game against the Bengals where he hit Kittrick for the td. I have concluded that Brett does not have the quality of players around him that he had earlier in his career. These current players may have more individual talent but when it comes to big plays and stepping up they are not even close. Edgar Bennett had a ton of 3rd down conversions. Dorsey Levens could take over a game in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Chmura was always there for a big play. Plus, let us never forget just how good Robert Brooks was when healthy. When it was on the line these guys made big plays. On defense Wayne Simmons has some bonehead plays but damn he made some big plays. Eugene Robinson has a bunch of critical plays. Leroy's effectiveness goes without mention.

I also noticed that there was always a vocal leader on defense---White, Sean Jones, Wayne Simmons, Butler, Robinson etc.... The chemistry now with the Packers is not smooth. I am convinced that they are trying hard; they just do not have rhythm.

As for Favre. I see no drop off----I see a lot of drops and I see top notch running back that fumbles at the most inopportune times for us. Imagine if you would what we would feel like if he had just hung on to the ball against the Chiefs. If we win that game I am convinced we are 5-2 right now. As it is-----unless we throw caution to the wind Sunday night, our fears due to past mistakes will take over and severely affect our play.

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