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Friday, January 30, 2004

Let’s bring Wolf back!

By Sarahfar
PacerChatters Staff

It's time for a dramatic gesture. It's time to bring Wolf back in an observation capacity, but if this team is headed towards a non-playoff season and quite likely a 6 or 7 win season depending on how the tail of the schedule appears, Wolf could be the Packers best hope for the next 2 seasons.

I say this with nothing but pleasure for what Sherman is trying to do as a coach. My opinion is that he is doing fine as a head coach. But he needs a lot of help. It would appear, that Sherman is going to have to make some serious decisions on coordinators and coaches, especially on defense that he well may not be up to the task on, especially since Sherman GM has had a hand in most of what is on the field on defense. Moreover, Sherman GM is floundering.

Let's look at the record and facts. I loved Javon Walker. I still think he has some talent and can be a good receiver. But Walker lacks top end talent and instincts. Today is a perfect example. Everyone seems content to bitch and complain about the deflection on what has been a very spotty and less effective Donald Driver, but forget about a great deep pass earlier that Walker should have caught and fought away from a smaller db. It was an adjustment that very good receivers make. To be blunt, as a Packer from camp until now Walker has made only very modest progress. Ferguson has teased a little more, but can't stay on the field. Call it what you want, make excuses as you will, but Ferguson has done little other than solid special teams play to suggest either he or Walker are worth what it took to draft them. While in the final analysis, I don't think the offense is the problem, and think with a real receiver coach and OC both can develop, Glenn should be here and a 6th for Glenn was dumb. I say this to say, that I couldn't be more disappointed to hear people blame this loss on Favre, it is really ludicrous and an unbelievable stretch. I would ask those of you who think Favre lost this game to watch it again and step back and really think it through.

When the Packers lost in 98 I didn't sleep for a week, so I have my whole life and always will love the team. But I'm not a liar and won't lie to myself. Those who know me, know I don't like drafting only defense, but I have to say, given what they have invested in this defense, I'm stunned and think I probably have been wrong about Wolf and his proclivity for defense first. Sherman GM has failed when it comes to this defense badly, but I believe ultimately he has had incredible help from Donatell and Jethro.

Here are some asinine decisions that they need to figure out who really made and had major input into
- Joe Johnson. Johnson is a worthless distraction and the worst ever GB fa decision. Given the dollars, it is at least
as bad a player personnel decision as Tony Mandrich

- Hunt. Hunt is a mediocre guy who was projected to have talent while not really ever being a producer. At least Freeman and Sharper had a
couple of years of big production before getting the big dollars. Hunt has been consistent though. He makes a couple of plays a game and
then takes the majority of downs off.

-KGB. A good player who we overpaid for, dramatically. KGB gets an A for effort, but unless they get a lot of line help, he can't hand the db’s
and really has not been productive for what he is paid to do. As the season wears on, why should we believe a 242 lb KGB will do what he can't do now.

- Holliday. It was nothing short of stupid to sign Hunt and let him walk.

-Harris comes, Williams and McBride go. I have no problem letting them go, if you draft another corner, but absent an outstanding cover corner to help Harris, it was stupid to let them both go. Jue is a disgrace as a cover corner. A guy that can maybe play, maybe develop, but still is exceptionally run in cover skills and it shows. Before people start throwing around Westbrook, if they were really counting on Westbrook, that too is stupid. The reason he was in GB was the injury and achilles history. I signed a league mini contract, so I just don't buy it. Harris came over as a corner that couldn't be on an island and so they neglected the corner position and overestimated what they had, and it bit them in the ass. Take it a step further, given the absolute total and complete failure of the d-line; it only makes the defense worse.

Let's get a clue here for just moment. I haven't lost any sleep from the exhibition season to now, because it was obvious that this defense sucks and just can't stop anyone. The defensive line is really as bad as it looks and corners and SS are suspect. Top it off with the fact that they have little if anything at the nickel and dime and you have real problems. Why would anyone blame Favre when Green throws for 400 yds? Yes McKenzie's back spasms, but they really haven't stopped anyone including Seattle who stopped themselves.

I think this is an intriguing team in lot of respects. They have a championship type offense and a very overpaid and incompetent defense. They will very likely lose 3 if not 4 of the next 4 games. That's not negative and not something I want, but rather football. You have to have some token defense to win with the schedule they have, and they don't. I really believe bringing back Ron Wolf quietly to study where they are at and why even now is sensible. Further, if Mike Sherman is not a big ego guy, he should seriously be considering giving up one of these titles, likely the gm. If Parcel’s, Holmgren, Gruden, and Mooch will work with a GM, why the hell wouldn't Sherman given the demands and the failure of the defense. If I'm right and they go into week 11, 3-7 or 4-6 and basically out of it, doesn't it make sense to have someone in here that can begin to put it back together? I'm not mad at Coach Sherman and think he really is doing about as good as anyone could, given the situation and resources GM Sherman has handed him. I said it when Harlan did it and say it now, wherever they are and where ever they end up, I do not blame it on Sherman. It is the clearest failure of leader when Bob Harlan handed him this. Harlan was and is stupid. He was there when Lombardi raped the organization leaving them bare and heading off to Washington. He was there when Devine failed at both, Favre failed and Forest Gregg failed. Harlan was ignorant to do this with Sherman at this stage of his career in this era and should move quickly to get this team back on track. Wolf is the right guy as a year or two bridge and straightens it out. Needless to say, I have zero doubt, that this team is nothing more than a fart in a windstorm at best with this defense. I want to be wrong, but pointing at Favre when they are at the top of the league in offense and bottom at defense and looking at this schedule and expecting much more than mediocre 8-8 season which is likely a reach, is reckless. I really want them to keep Favre another year or two and compete, but hoping for an impossible 12-4 season and losing next to me is stupid. In modern football the time for next season is now, not after they go 7-9 or 6-10 and then blow the draft to get a QB or DT out of pure need. Please Bob Harlan and Mike Sherman admit a mistake now and bring back Wolf.

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